MarsMD Universal shaft - universal rack for detectors

MarsMD Universal shaft - universal rack for detectors

MarsMD company, so far specializing in the production of detectors coils for well-known companies, decided to enter the market with its own model of racks for detectors. The universal frame, according to the manufacturer's assurances, fits over 50 models and is durable and reliable. By the way, it looks somehow familiar ...

well, every user of the XP Deus detector will scratch his head, because the frame presented by MarsMD will look weirdly familiar. The design solutions are also identical - the company opted for a telescopic structure and modern design. According to the creators' assurances, the armrest will withstand being stepped on by a shoe even of a tall man, and the handles used will allow you to mount several dozen models of detectors to the rack. Allow me to quote a list of the company's promotional materials:

Dovetail mount:

- AKA: Sorex, Berkut

Mount on the adapter:

– GARRETT: ACE 150/200/250/300/350/400, AT Pro, AT Gold

– FISHER: F2, F4, F5, Gold Bug, F11, F22, F44

– WHITE’S: Coinmaster, Coinmaster Pro, Prizm 3/4/5/6

- TREASURE: Cibola, Cowboy, Cortes, DeLeon, Golden uMax, Outlaw, Silver uMax;

– TEKNETICS: Eurotek, EurotekPro, Alpha 2000, Delta 4000, Gamma 6000, Omega 8500, Digitek

– BOUNTY HUNTER: Discovery 1100/2200/3300, Gold, Titanium, Quick Draw Pro, Lone Star Pro, Land Ranger Pro

Fixing under the armrest:

– XP METAL DETECTORS: Adventis 2, ADX 150, G-Maxx 2, Gold Maxx Power

A broad representation of detectors from the economic and middle segment is noticeable, that is up to PLN 2,000. Basically the only high-end Teknetics Omega detectors, top models Tesoro and G-Maxx with Gold Maxx. At the same time, I don't remember, that any of these models have an unreliable frame, low quality, or very heavy.

This is the basic problem, in my opinion, with a frame from MarsMD. It is true that there are some difficulties in determining the price of the equipment (I sent an inquiry to the company on this matter) it speculates about a value in between 100 a 200 dollars. At the current exchange rate, this gives us a cost of several hundred zlotys. In the case of detectors, which together cost little more, it totally makes no sense. Another problem is this, that I don't remember, that one of the companies would only offer "cans" with electronics. As long as the purchase of the coil itself, in virtually any shape, technology and size is not a problem at all, what to do, when the electronics are missing? Exactly…

The position may be interesting, which the brochure does not say, for owners of XP Deus with an additional coil and a pair of headphones. Another thing, that the price of the set (frame, headphones, coil) from XP it will cost similar, what in configuration with MarsMD hardware.

So does this solution make sense?? Certainly needs to be emphasized, that the frame looks very modern and solid, at the same time it is compact. Unfortunately, this is not the case, that all models of boxes with electronics can be installed without modification (permanent, so it may affect premature warranty loss) and the question keeps coming up, who de facto will need another rack. Home detector manufacturers are unlikely to be interested, and factories producing detectors for the local market may be deterred by the high price.

I will inform you about the price and further information about MarsMD Universal Shaft, as soon as the manufacturer provides me with further information.