Ingram MAC submachine gun

Ingram MAC submachine gun.

A true connoisseur of Western sensational cinema will surely associate the characteristic shape of a clumsy "box" with a handle in which a long box magazine is attached, ended on one side with a barrel with a thread for mounting muzzle devices, on the other hand, a folding butt. Ingram is externally, to some extent similar to the Uzi and CZ model 25, however, it is easy to distinguish and compared to the Israeli or Czechoslovak PM, looks a lot more simplified, without finishing, specific ergonomics. W 1964 One year, a certain Gordon Ingram developed a submachine gun called Ingram at the American company MAC. It is a self-repeating weapon, based on the principle of free bolt recoil. Weapon, like many other PMs from this and earlier period - it fires from an open bolt, which lowers its accuracy. Two designs of the MAC-10 and MAC-11 pistol were developed. Both patterns are identical in construction , they only differ in dimensions, weight and type of ammunition used. MAC-10 is available in 9x19mm calibers, and the "right" American .45 ACP, MAC-11 (smaller) in the more modest 9x17mm Browning. What is quite unusual - a thong attached to the front of the breech chamber is used to hold the weapon with the other hand, which does not look very impressive, nor does it aid in targeting very well. After installing the silencer, with the mounting that each MAC is equipped with, some users of this weapon place their other hand on the silencer, that the metal does not burn when shooting - it is specially enclosed with Nomex. This visibly improves the MP stability and the accuracy of the fire. The reason is simple - a muffler attached to the structure gives a better grip, than a piece of thong hanging loosely under the barrel, or the short lower skeleton behind the trigger guard ...

The handle for tightening the lock is located on the top of the lock chamber, at the same time fulfilling the function of a fuse, locking the lock in the front position. Second fuse - adjustable, for locking the breech in the front and rear position was placed in front of the trigger guard. The sights were located on the castle chamber, they consist of a front sight and a fixed sight, which for a design designed to operate at close range may appear to be an overzealous solution. Despite many disadvantages and the overall simplicity of the structure, however, it is possible to shoot the MAC with the stock resting on the shoulder. The weapon was briefly used by the British SAS - primarily for covert operations in Northern Ireland.