hand grenade

hand grenade

Rather, there is no person on earth, Who wouldn't know what a hand grenade is. Popularized by the media, movies - next to the knife, an engineer shovel or a pistol, the best friend of a private infantry soldier, a small oval object, which with minimal knowledge of the user becomes a lethal weapon both in battle and during subversive actions, terrorist, as well as committing common crimes. Today I will try to introduce you to this banal type of weapon, describe how it can be used and what you should know in general ... Jak wiemy klasyczny granat składa się z żeliwnej lub metalowej skorupy wypełnionej materiałem wybuchowym i posiadającej gniazdo do wkręcania zapalnika i zapalnik, in our country bearing the name UZGR (universal igniter for hand grenades).We divide grenades into defensive ones - i.e.. blatanting the opponent with shrapnel, and offensive, destroying the target by the force of the explosion. Of course, you can detail the breakdowns in these categories by adding chemical grenades, smoky, flash bang, incendiary, practice, school etc., but that's not what we mean. First of all, the grenade is not entirely dangerous - as a means of direct combat it has a limited power of influence - the effects of a grenade explosion will always be considerable in small rooms (bunker type, room, copper) or vehicles (compartment on the train, the interior of a car or plane) - however, even then items such as furniture, armchairs, tables absorb a lot of explosions and debris, which penetrate deeply in real terms up to a distance of approx. 25m. Each modern anti-fragmentation vest guarantees that such fragments will be stopped - terrorists or criminals use this means of fighting, because they believe in psychological intimidation of their victims - you know, a lot of smoke, here, fire - superficial large wounds, a lot of blood, besides, the grenade is easy to carry, to smuggle, getting it is also not difficult - stolen from the army, where nobody counts them every day, and there is a bit of it in warehouses ... In the open field, the effects are much less dangerous. The time lag between fuse release and throwing and exploding is average 3,5-5 s, which gives us a lot of time to lie down, whether to bend down ... Several types of hand grenades are produced in Poland - I will describe them now so that you can always identify them correctly . Defensive grenade type F-1 - probably the most popular hand grenade in the world. Egg-shaped steel body, the surface of which is incised with longitudinal and horizontal lines for better fragmentation(theoretically to 1000 debris - I have practically seen more than once shells torn into several large pieces) UZRG fuse, armed at the moment of the throw, guarantees a shot in the range 3,2-4 s, armed grenade weight 700g, fragmentation radius up to 200 m, average throw distance 35-40 m, amount of explosive material (TNT) about 60 grams.

RG-42 offensive grenade - metal shell in a cylindrical shape, armed UZRG, cut sheet metal thinning tape wound inside, armed grenade weight400 grams, the amount of explosive material 120gr (TNT), damage radius of the debris 15-20 m, average throw is about 30-40m

Defensive grenade RG-88-egg-shaped plastic shell,in which approx 1200-1300 kulek stalowych o wadze od 0,25 up to 0.27 each,armed grenade weight 485 grams,amount of explosive material 60 gr,BB damage radius up to 15 m, throw distance about 30m.

RPG-43 anti-tank grenade - used to fight against targets with armor up to a thickness of 75 mm- metal shell structure, cylindrical, shaft, it has a shaped charge and a fuse that guarantees an immediate explosion upon hitting the selected target, the mass of an armed grenade is 1200 grams,amount of explosive material 650 grams, damage radius of the fragments about 20m, 15m throw range. In general, it is different with grenades - long storage periods affect both the quality of the detonators and the explosive contained in the shells, unexploded ordnance happens, different periods of time delay - it is worth remembering, That:

We NEVER throw away or kick a grenade thrown at us! ALWAYS arm the grenade by screwing the shell into the fuse, not the other way around! NEVER pick up a grenade lying on the ground if you can see that despite the fuse being screwed in ,missing split pin and spoon, no explosion occurred! We do not unscrew fuses, there are fuses - traps set to explode when unscrewing (produced in the former Yugoslavia).

Our Ministry of National Defense approaches the topic of arming soldiers with grenades with great aversion and panic - by law, everyone should have two grenades (one each F1 and RG42), but that's just a theory. Lack of trust and faith in subordinates is, unfortunately, still the domain of a large part of the commanding staff of the Polish Armed Forces. Grenades are not only for throwing - they are great as traps - you can mine literally anything with them - a few examples: Mine mining - quite a common practice during armed conflicts - put an unlocked grenade under the body in the hope that someone will move the deceased, e.g.. wanting to search him, or to identify what will cause an explosion and increase losses. Granat w szklance – odbezpieczony umieszczany nad framugą drzwi czy okien – po ich otwarciu szklanka spada na ziemię, breaks and explodes. Can grenade - connected to a guy wire, falls out of the can in which it was placed after being moved and explodes. A grenade under an anti-personnel mine - a classic trap for sappers - a sapper when removing a mine comes across an unlocked grenade hidden under it - the result is known. Any suction traps where lines are tied to the cotter pins, lines and then stretched them - an explosion after hooking them with a shoe or equipment. Mining of everyday objects, precious things,valuable that someone will approach, food etc.. is a classic of using a grenade as a trap. As you can see, the use of this means of combat is practically limited only by our imagination. The use of electric detonators instead of UZRG is possible!! For this purpose, the igniter socket must be additionally filled with PMW(plastic explosive)and only then put a primer in it .... passenger cars, understandably, I cannot share with you - you can see for yourself how dangerous a grenade can be.