Discrimination is a very hot topic right now. Society has finally opened its eyes to this, that we should all be equal, regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation or skin color. I will focus on the latter. On men, actually.

Are you able to answer the question of how women are discriminated against?? What are the stereotypes associated with them? The following topics probably come to mind immediately:

  • Libra (a woman cannot be too fat / too skinny)
  • Hair color („Hehe, blondes are stupid ")
  • Inequality in wages (still present, no matter how much we don't think about it)
  • Social function (after all, women are supposed to be in the kitchen and take care of the baby)
  • Skills (“A woman living alone? And who will screw you the bulb when it burns out?”

Discrimination against women is an undeniable fact and necessary measures must be taken to ensure that inequalities disappear. We must act diametrically and immediately.

I also have a second question: How guys are discriminated against?

And here there is an awkward silence ... After all, we have a patriarchal society! We are (my, men) privileged! It's easier for you!


We are lost in gender equality, focusing not on leveling the playing field, and only on increasing the position of women in society. Why is this a mistake? Because equal rights activism has forgotten about it, that each medal has two sides.

Men are discriminated against too.

Due to the physical characteristics.

I am a skinny man. The period from middle school to more or less the end of high school was the worst time of my life, because it is a period of increasing awareness of your body, comparing yourself to others and accepting certain stereotypes as fact. And the stereotype is as follows: be muscular! How are you not, it means you don't care about yourself.

Loathsome. You have to feed him. Not attractive. Asexual.

This is just a snippet of this, what a skinny person can hear on a daily basis. You think, that it's only on the internet? Ask any skinny guy you know what he hears in real life.

Part of me has grown out of being concerned about my appearance. Ba! Last year, I went to the swimming pool for the first time in many years! Still, I have unhealthy thoughts in my head, when I see myself without a T-shirt or in shorts. But thanks to the fight, I can better understand my scouts who are going through a difficult period of their lives. I've learned not to listen to opinions about appearance, and I accept myself, although it is not always easy. I even joke about it a lot- humor always helps.

Because of the dress code.

Yes Yes! "Pedals in tubes", "There were no men's T-shirts?”, "What are you wearing?!”You won't hit the tastes of many, you will hear it very loud and clear!

Because of the work

The man is to carry weights, chew the bees. And what they say on women's forums?

Limitation of parental authority.

Do you know, that most often after a divorce a woman is admitted a child? The man has a slim chance of receiving custody of his son / daughter.

The reasons for this state of affairs can be found in that report. However, this does not change the fact- the vast majority of women receive custody of the child.

What about homelessness?

Let us consider how our society functions, care system and support system. We have all heard about Single Mother Houses, truth? How many Single Father Houses do you know about?


Discrimination is an awfully hard topic. It's very easy to say something, which may offend someone, whether the other person perceives it as an attack. I hope, that in this case it will not be so. I just wanted to point out a fact, that these "privileged" men also struggle with stereotypes or inequalities.

Consider. Are you discriminating? It's easy to check. Ask yourself questions:

  • Czy obawiałbym/obawiałabym się powiedzieć kobiecie że przytyła lub jest gruba? And the man?
  • Have I ever told / told a man to grow tense?
  • Do I use the term "non-masculine"?

We all have a mishap. We are just humans, but by God! Let's learn. Let us be empathetic. Do what I say, it would offend myself?

Summary II.

Let's fight stereotypes. All of them. Let us not allow any harm. We teach scouts to respect people who are different from themselves. Let us not allow discrimination, rude jokes, actions to demean others. WE BRING UP.