Various outbreaks


A fire in the shape of a pyramid can be kindled in almost all conditions. However, you may find yourself in a situation, when it will be necessary to arrange the fire in a different way. In strong winds, for example, you should make a fire in the hole, then it will be shielded from gusts. When there is a thick layer of snow on the ground, you have to dig into the dry ground and make a fire on the cleared ground.

Bonfire in the dimple
When a very strong wind blows, dig a hole in the ground with a depth of approx 30 cm. The fire in the well is perfect for simmering. In such a fire, fuel is consumed more slowly, because the flames under the cover of the trench do not shoot so high and do not burn the branches piled up so quickly.

A fire in the shape of a star
If there is already a thick layer of heat in the fire, make four thick radiating logs; they must have at least 15 cm in diameter. After that, you just need to push them inside. You should arrange and burn a fire in such a way only in a camp that is set up for a long time.

A bonfire in the cave
The fire, arranged in a niche in the rock, burns quietly and slowly, for it is sheltered from gusts of wind. The flames do not jump dangerously from branch to branch and do not shoot upwards. You can use a ready-made niche in the rock wall or make it yourself. Collect rock fragments. Do not use slate, which may explode when heated. The larger and heavier the debris, the more stable the whole structure will be. Fill the gaps between the fragments with clay or mud. You can also make a functional cooking area.

So that the fire would burn all night or day without being constantly planted, place three thick logs close together on a large layer of heat or glowing charcoal. If you want to increase the amount of heat, build a wall behind it, which will reflect the heat towards you. Go to bed at a safe distance from the fire, that the sleeping bag or clothing is not caught by any spark.
A fire all night long – Long, thick logs burn slowly throughout the night.


1 You can carry the smoldering coals from the fire with you for several days and use them to light the fire. Attach a string handle to a metal can.

2 Line the can with dry moss. If you only have damp moss on hand, put it on, but on the very top put dry or grass. The damp moss underneath will dry quickly.

3 Place the red-hot coals in a cavity of moss, and then cover them with the remaining moss. If the coals start to dim, you can gently blow on them to kindle the fire.