Use of a knife and a wire ball

Use a knife

Use a large knife to cut branches or chop. Hit the center of the blade, far from the legs. Cut across the grain, at an angle 45 degrees – by hitting perpendicular you run the risk of it, the blade could fly off and injure you.

Making wooden tools often requires the skill of precise handling with a pocket knife, for example, when you need to carve a harpoon blade. Planing, always move away from you, pressing the back of the knife with your thumb. A pocket knife is much better suited for this type of work than a large knife.

When making incisions or carving, you should always cut from yourself. You also have to remember, to fingers, hands, legs and other body parts were out of reach of the blade. If you want to give a piece of wood the desired shape, it is best to cut along the grain.


1 Metal eyelets on either end of the ball can cut your hands, therefore, you need to make the handles from pieces of string or fabric.

2 Holding both handles, drag the ball back and forth. When cutting, keep the line of the wire saw blade as straight as possible, although he also works then, when it is almost wrapped around the branch. Pull straight, gently, do not tug.

Cutting tools should always be sharp. When using them, do not forget about the basic safety rules. When removing the knife from the scabbard, hold it from the outside, where the knife blade is blunt. A very sharp knife can cut the skin and cut your hand. Also, the wire rack should be handled with care.


1 We get a natural blade by breaking a piece of flint against a rock. When it breaks, one part of the flint will have a sharp edge.

2 Such a sharp edge can be used as primitive, but an effective cutting tool. The blunt side will replace the hammer. When the blade becomes dull, you just have to split the next flint.

Other materials

Bamboo spatula
By cutting bamboo properly, you can get very sharp, and at the same time with little breakable edges.
A spatula is made from a piece of bamboo stalk, as shown in the picture.

Glass knife
A properly shaped piece of broken glass is also a blade. Bulky to use, but cutting well. You just have to remember to wrap the end with a cloth or other material, to have a safe handle.