Lighting a bonfire

Lighting a bonfire, next to the rules of first aid, is one of the basic skills to survive in wild terrain. This ability distinguishes man from other creatures and gives him an advantage over them. The fire must be very small at first. Gradually, the flames engulf the thicker and thicker wood and then the fire begins to burn. Always have dry fuel, because damp wood burns badly, and placed in a fire that is not very well lit, ugasi go. Access to oxygen is also necessary, without which the combustion process cannot take place; especially important when starting a fire. The fire can be put out by covering it with earth or sand, cutting off the oxygen supply.


Light a match and hold it over tinder. Hold on until now, until it starts to smolder. Then add crushed dry leaves or grass on top, and then small sticks.

Flint and Tinder
Place a handful of tinder next to the pyramid of kindling sticks. Hit the steel flint against the flint (it does not have to be natural flint), making sparks over tinder. When tinder starts to smolder, blow on her, by wzniecić płomyczek. How it will light up for good, put it under the pyramid. Hit a metal ball, which acts as a flint in flint (it may be a magnesium alloy bar). Do your best, for sparks to fall on tinder.

Magnifying glass
Put a handful of tinder inside the campfire. Place the magnifying glass in front of the pyramid like this, that the sun's rays that they concentrate converge in the center of tinder. When tinder starts to smolder, blow on it gently, to kindle a flame. Focus the sun's rays on tinder with a lens.

■ Make sure, whether the fire is sheltered from the wind, but remember, that without oxygen it will not burn.
■ Keep a supply of dry fuel on hand.
■ Before lighting the fire, collect all the items and fuel you need to do so.
■ You can protect matches against moisture by sinking their heads in wax.

There are many ways to light a fire and there are utensils, that make it easier. In addition to traditional flint and flint, today we have modern paraffin cubes and wooden sticks covered with easily ignitable chemicals. You should always choose the most appropriate and easiest way under the given circumstances.

Waterproof matches
Before using them, scrape off the wax covering the head.

Flint and Tinder
The steel ball replaces the tinder here, while traditional, stone flint -magnesium alloy rod.

Magnifying glass
The larger the magnifying glass, the better, especially in low sun.

Cotton wool
Cotton wool soaked in paraffin perfectly replaces natural tinder when kindling the fire.

Paraffin cubes
They are used to light thicker sticks without tinder.

Incendiary sticks
These are wooden shavings soaked in or covered with flammable chemicals. They can easily be lit with a match and used instead of tinder.