How to rebuild a failing team?

How to rebuild a failing team?

Leading a team is a real challenge. So sometimes, something that is happening is happening, that our once-resilient team is starting to fall apart. Members are leaving- fortress, that nothing is happening to the team (and the entire staff) it just wavers.

Let's imagine, that we are building a house. This house is your team. We play the role of an architect and builder at the same time, to assess the situation we are in and take any action, that our building would not collapse.

You are the foundation.

If the foundation is weak- the whole structure will collapse into the ground. So let's focus on yourself. Does scouting give you joy and fulfillment? Does being a leader limit you?? Or maybe you're just tired? I have touched on this topic earlier, so take a look at the article "The fire also burns out sometime".

If you WANT to rebuild your team, you have already taken the first step. The foundation strengthens. You are or will only be strong. Sit down, take a rest, get things in your head. We're still building in a moment.

Place the skeleton up.

On this solid foundation, now you have to put the skeleton up. It is your staff. They support you in your tasks and achieving your goals- your bodyguards relieve you of the sheer volume of duties and the team keep your pupils in a tight group. So invest in them! Meet once in a while for the Foster Host rally, ask how are they?, supervise rehearsals and do not forget- from their perspective, they are building the house- the host of which they are the pillar. Take care of the substitutes, let you develop your own ideas and enjoy working with friends, but don't forget about it, to organize something for them.

Take care, so that the roof does not leak.

Perhaps this is not entirely architecturally correct, but we are building a roof now. well, nobody speaks, that we are great builders, truth? 😉

I call the roof your knowledge and experience. As in the house, a roof with holes will cause water to wet everything inside the first time it rains, yes, and your lack of knowledge and experience will affect your team as a whole. How is this part different from the first point?? foundation, it's you as a person, Your motivations, the, dreams, willingness. Once you have it and your staff, take a team course. Patch the gaps in your instructor training. Get a degree, read books. Your scout development is necessary to properly provide care for your pupils.

Put up the walls.

Ok. Now it's time for less active activities. Thanks to this, that we already have a good foundation and the skeleton supports the roof, now let's build walls, which is the work plan.

The work plan gives shape to your business. It gives an idea of ​​what the whole scout year will look like, and at the same time hides it from everyone else, what's inside, what they will know only when they cross the threshold of our home (what's there, we'll discuss later).

Notice, that just like the walls, the plan can be beautified. Consider, whether not to introduce some plot- it is only an ornament and it greatly influences the mood.

However, don't forget to think about the final positioning of windows and doors now. We'll get on with them soon.

Congratulations! The house is built! But that's not what we meant ... Seemingly, everything is fine from the outside, but you feel, that it's somehow so… cold. Pusto. Impersonal.

open the door- organize recruitment!

Characteristic for teams that are in decline, there is a lack of people on the team. Often, the rest of the people create a closed group of mutual adoration. They feel good in their own sauce and see no need for change. But you are the team. Do you know, that to develop, you need fresh air, and above all- guests, who will come, bring life to empty walls and, who knows? Maybe they will stay longer?

Good recruitment is essential. Please take a look at the article How to organize recruitment to the host? Admittedly, it is directed to the substitutes, but maybe it is not you who should take care of bringing new people? After all, the place for the door is ultimately formed when pillars and walls are put up, not the foundation ...

Heat up in the fireplace

imagine, that you are sitting in a comfortable armchair. Flame dances in the fireplace and a pleasant warmth spreads through the house ... The atmosphere makes you feel, that you want to stay here forever ...

It has to be like that in the team. What are you after that, that you will recruit, if none of the scouts already present accepts new people? Why do you need your knowledge and action plan, if the party is cold and hostile? Who will be led by the cadre, if the group doesn't cooperate? The atmosphere of the team depends on its members. This is the final test, if everything is as it should be. If something in the fireplace goes wrong, then all your work will go up in smoke. You'll be left with the foundation again. Cracked, leaking collapsing.

Friendship, willingness to experience adventures together, laughter, joy but also sorrows and failures. It's all part of the home you create. So the question will arise- will new scouts find strength in you?, to overcome the latter? If you please, to get cold- they will come out through that door, which cannot be closed. This is a factory defect, Unfortunately, it cannot be changed. The wind blows on and on, pour in the rain, sometimes an intruder will appear. But if you keep an eye on the fire, no one will even feel the need to leave your four walls. They will sit with you by the fireplace and, what is the most beautiful, they will throw in some woods themselves.

Your house is solid. Is awesome. Over the years, you embellish it more and more. You are proud of the work you all put into the entire building process. You are strong with the strength of your scouts. But now…

Look out the window.

Walk away from the fireplace once in a while. No worries, you won't be cold. Or even if, you have nowhere to come back. Look out the window. Look around and see other houses on the horizon. How do they look? Is it stately villas, with beautiful gardens, wonderful fountains? Or maybe dilapidated houses, which are about to fall apart? Don't lock yourself in your own four walls. Help others. Visit not only magnificent buildings, but also tiny huts. Take a look at the "bigger ones" what makes them stand out. Learn something new. And as soon as you encounter an empty hovel, come in, say hello and help rebuild. At the beginning you too thought you were alone. Maybe your hand to work is missing in this house?