How to make an earth stove, steam oven, Yukon bake?

Ground stove

1 Dig a narrow trench with a depth of approx 20 cm. Above it, put a pot with a height of approx 25 cm. Insert a long stick next to the bottom of the pot.

2 Cover the pot with soil or wet clay, at the same time, stick the stick harder, a hole for the chimney will then be created. Pat the ground, so that a smooth durable dome is created.

3 Take out the stick and use it to hold the lid. Make a fire in the ditch under the pot, before you put food in the pot – wait, until only embers remain.


Steam oven

1 Above a rectangular deep pit 20 cm make a rectangle of sticks, and put small pebbles on it. Set the rectangle on fire.

2 When the sticks burn well, and the pebbles will fall down, stick a stick to the bottom, shovel the coals away, put a layer of grass at the bottom, Wrap the food in grass and lay it down.

3 Try to arrange the food in the center, where is the most heat. Cover the wrapped food with a layer of grass on top, and then cover it all with earth.

4 Take the stick out and pour a little water into the hole, to make a couple.

5 Fill the pit with soil, leaving a stick hole open. Pat and leave for five hours. During this time, the food will cook.



It is a chimney above the fire, to which you can add even wet wood. It is cooked very quickly; the pot with the food is placed on the chimney. Dig a hole and place a fire in it – a pyramid, but don't light it.
Build a conical chimney over the fire from stones connected with clay, cover the top and center with clay, smooth out. The conical shape causes, that there is more space around the fire, and more oxygen is coming to the fire, so it burns better. Set fire to the end of a long stick and put it from above into the chimney. At the beginning, add a lot of dry wood, to warm up properly. When it's warmed up, you can put wet wood over the chimney – it will dry, or a pot of food.

Efficient combustion – The Yukon stove is very fuel-efficient and gives a lot of heat.