Self-braided rope

A strong rope can be braided, for example, from nettle stalks. You have to wet them first, so that they become supple. Then break with a stone separating the fibers from the core. After drying, the fibers need to be twisted into strings, which weaves together into a strong rope. Natural fiber, from which you can make a rope, It is also obtained from willow or birch bark twigs.

1 Begin braiding the rope by tying the three strands to the branches. Weave the right fiber over the middle one.
2 Then weave the left fiber over the middle one. All three fibers have to be taut all the time.
3 Right fiber, which was the middle one in the beginning, we intertwine over the "new" central fiber. Thus, we get the first weave.
4 We repeat the activities discussed to obtain new weaves. We tie the end like this, lest the rope come apart.