Fishing nets

If you want to survive, sometimes it is better to use a net or set a trap, than sitting with a fishing rod for hours. The trap can even be left overnight, unattended. The nets can be made of string, rope or natural fibers, and use the trunks of young trees to frame the net. Unnecessary clothes are also suitable for this. Traps are made of braided sticks, string, rushes or strong grasses; the bottle can also be used for this. Makeshift equipment can be very effective at times, decimates the fish, therefore it may only be used in the most difficult situations.

Making a landing net

1 Pull the forked ends of the flexible twig into the bottom seams of the T-shirt.
2 When both ends of the twig meet, make a buttonhole, through which pull the ends of the twig. Tie them together with string and tuck them back into the seam.
3 Tie a T-shirt above the head and arm slots. You can cut off any overhanging fabric or turn the mesh over like this, so that the rest of the T-shirt is inside.

1 Tie the ends of the forked twig in a circle.
2 Tie one piece of string to the ring, and others – on the opposite side, to make a loop.
3 Make more such loops, then thread the string across, to create a mesh.


The manca net can be of any size. Hang a rope between two trees; attach several pieces of string at equal intervals to it. Pull them down by hanging the straight, thin branch. Twist the string across, tie a knot at each intersection, so that the web does not pull down, and her stitches were equal. You can adjust the mesh size to the size of the fish, you want to catch. Cut off the finished net from the rope and the lower branch.