Fish traps

Basket – Fish trap

1 Tie the thicker ends of a few pliable twigs. This trap can be set in a river or coastal ravines flooded with salt water.
2 Make a loop from an additional twig.
3 Put the tied twigs into a loop and fasten. This is how the longitudinal bars of the basket will be created.
4 Tie the same loop at the other end of the twigs. The length of the trap depends entirely on your needs.
5 Make an entrance to the trap by attaching two loops - one large. the second small. Something like a funnel with an oblique entrance should be formed.
6 Insert the funnel with the thinner end into the trap and fix it permanently. Start twine the trap around the trap, making stitches.
7 Wrap the string around the sides of the trap. The fish will manage to squeeze through the funnel, but he will no longer find his way back.

Other pitfalls

Crab cage
It's easy to do. Tie the sticks together like this, to create a box. Adjust the cage's eyes to the size of the animals, you want to catch. The cage door only opens inwards, therefore, the caught animal cannot escape. Put the bait in the cage. Weight the cage with stones; it should stay at the bottom of a river or sea. The cage is placed in the sea, in shallow water, allows you to catch crabs and lobsters, located at the bottom of the river – north.

Trap from the bottle
Cut the neck of a plastic bottle, invert the neck and put it back into the bottle. Place the bait in the bottle. The fish are flowing into the bottle, they eat the bait, but they are unable to swim back. Put the trap in the stream and check frequently.