Fire is the wanderer's closest friend, often determines his life. Provides warmth in cold climates, dries the clothes more gently, it is used to cook food, drives away insects and dangerous animals, it is moreover a signal for help.

The source of fire can be a lighter or traditional matches. They should be impregnated in advance (by dipping in nail polish or liquid paraffin). When lighting a match to save money, immediately transfer the flame to the candle. When there are no matches, we have to find another solution.

A spark can be obtained by rubbing a flint on a flint – if found – or hitting a stone with a steel knife or other tool. You can also use a lens (the glass of the watch or glasses) to concentrate the sun's rays. You should concentrate them on one point, to create a spot of light, as bright as possible. Blow gently in the bush, as soon as it forms.

The correct kindling is no less important than the spark. Only absolutely dry, light and soft, it gives hope to light a fire. It can be made of anything, what is flammable: from mosses and lichens, made of poplar and reed flowers, pieces of bark, vegetable fibers, dry leaves with a light texture, fluff of thistle flowers, wild corn cobs, grass, weed stalks, internal, the soft part of the bird's nest, feathers, the core of such plants, like a wild lilac, sunflower, from dry dung of herbivores.