Collapsing the camp

Collapsing the campsite should be done according to a set plan. Best, if all participants of the expedition perform subsequent activities routinely and at the same time are prepared for the road. When the weather conditions are terrible, it's very cold or there is strong wind, waiting for one latecom is very irritating. To the duties of the deputy group commander, always taking the last place in the formation when marching out, you should carefully examine the place after the campsite. You have to collect rubbish and remove all traces. The camping site should be left as it is, as if no one stayed there for the night. This rule does not apply to survivors, missing and wanted people, which must leave signs for a possible rescue expedition. Eliminate the tent or shelter at the end, so that you can use the refuge for as long as possible.

Covering traces
The camping site should be left in pristine condition. Put out the fire and mask this place, pack and take litter and rubbish with you, carefully cover the latrine.

You should leave the campsite in this condition, as if your foot never stood there. Any litter must be carefully collected,
cover the places with turf, in which the turf was destroyed. By doing so, you are protecting the environment. In critical situations, when at play
life comes in and signs must be left for a rescue trip, they can be done without causing permanent damage to the natural surroundings.

It should be folded last, so that in the event of a sudden weather breakdown, there is somewhere to hide during packing. When assembling the tent poles, everyone should be packed, and the whole area cleared. After packing the tent, you should go on your way immediately.

It needs to be covered and covered with turf. Here, however, it is necessary to leave a mark for the next hikers, for example, by driving a pile into place, where was the latrine with the date of stay marked on it. In the field, in which leaving human waste could adversely affect the environment, disturb the biological balance, Collect all impurities in plastic bags and take them with you.

First of all, they need to be extinguished thoroughly; cover the ash and remains of heat with earth.
Any unburned fuel residues should be thrown into plastic bags as trash and taken with you.

Cover the place after the fire with turf and sprinkle the leaves around, masking the disturbed turf.

Collect garbage in plastic bags and take it with you.