Bonfire in the campsite

The campfire in the camp is almost its most important element. It gives warmth, allows you to prepare hot food and, which is extremely important, tremendously uplifting. In addition, fire scares off predatory animals and annoying insects. Warm food makes, that the calories it contains last longer. The inedible powder, cooked over the fire, turns into an aromatic soup. You can also dry your clothes and shoes over the fire. You need tinder to light a fire, brushwood or other kindling material and thicker wood. So that the fire would burn, the need for oxygen, combustion takes place. The best fuel is dry, standing trees; if there are only dead trees lying on the ground nearby, use only branches.


Green, moist moss is not suitable for tinder; while dry and thick it is perfect. Clumps of moss grow on tree trunks and in wetlands. Moist moss must be dried in the sun before use.

Mushrooms growing on trees, called mushrooms, they have a waterproof skin and a dry center full of flesh, which smolders easily. It has been used for centuries to start fire with flint. (The name of tinder comes from the hub). A soft and dry center comes out from under the skin with a knife.

Dry leaves
Even in very wet forests you can find plenty of dry ones, fallen leaves. Pack the dry leaves in an airtight immediately, plastic bag, so that they do not get wet.

Let them be
A bundle of dry hay is easily absorbed by even a single spark and quickly begins to burn with a high flame .


You can prepare tinder from dry sticks or pieces of bark by shaving them with a pocket knife into as small crumbs as possible.. So prepared, powdered material is best kept in a small bag.

In the material, from which we want to make tinder, for example a piece of hubs, a small recess should be carved and it should be countersunk. The mushroom particles that accumulate at the bottom of the cavity are first-class tinder, which should easily start to smolder.

The material for tinder must be crushed, so that he could smoke from the slightest spark. It is best to rub it between your fingers or by rubbing the stone.