How good to start the day?

How good to start the day?

Scout sleepy, he is a cranky scout. And if it comes to a bad morning… It's just a failure! So start your day with these simple ways!

Your body is like a machine. It needs rest to function well, starting and fuel. If at least one of these factors is missing, you will very quickly lead to fatigue and even disease! But take it easy, today I will tell you how to take care of yourself, so that everything works as it should.

Alarm clock.

You know you got to get up. The alarm clock rang, but somehow you can't get up. You should think about it a few hours in advance! At the beginning of, set yourself some nice wake up melody. Make it your favorite song, a lively melody, wake-up recorded with the consent of the camp-man ... Something, which will put you in a good mood right away! But remember, that even the most beloved music becomes terrible after a few listenings early in the morning, so change it on a regular basis.

Then, place the alarm clock as far as possible from the bed. If you don't want to wake up the rest of the household, you'll have to get up and turn it off as soon as possible.

Drinking or water.

Ok. You do not sleep. Head to the kitchen and drink cool lemon water. Your body keeps working while you sleep, and that means, that he is using the water reserves of the previous day, therefore it is necessary to refill them in the morning. Additionally, citrus juice cleanses and refreshes. This is what you need in the morning!

Papu, that is, food.

It is said for a reason, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just like water, nutrients are also used up when you sleep. If you don't complete them, Your internal mechanism will have nothing to start from and will let you know in the form of a rumble in your stomach.

You should eat something nutritious within half an hour, although not necessarily satiated, e.g.. Oatmeal with milk, muesli with fruit, sandwiches with vegetables.


If like me you are not a fan of exercise, then you may have some problems with this point. The last thing I think about in the morning is tormenting myself with push-ups. But take it easy! If I was successful, it is for you too! Stillness while sleeping negatively affects the muscles and tendons. To prevent soreness and other unpleasant ailments, observe your cat or dog! What they do right after getting up? They stretch! (no, a dog doing squats would look strange, or a cat doing push-ups). do it, what your pet- stretch yourself. If you have the strength and feel like it, do some squats / push-ups, torso twists. You really don't need much to feel better!


open the window. Even in winter, it's worth taking a few deep breaths of the morning air. I have a tilt window all year round, so I omit this point. Additionally, it will be useful to air the room, because we know what the smell is in the morning at the camp in tents ...

Something to cheer up.

I suggest memes. I laughed, print yourself some pictures from the internet and attachments to the cork board.

That's it! I guarantee, that if you persevere for two weeks putting this routine into your life, then you will surely feel a significant difference in your morning well-being. Good luck!