The influence of the environment

With each, even in the most dangerous situation, you can get out alive, even when you do not have great endurance or physical strength, as long as you have the right mental attitude. Nature has made, that man has a great ability to survive, even under the most extreme conditions. His brain gives him an edge over the rest of the animal world, you just need to be able to use it. Living in the city, we only use some of our natural predispositions. In the wild, we need to remind ourselves of a lot of the practical, manual skills. Then common sense turns out to be an invaluable ally, allowing you to think logically and soberly assess the situation. Even more important, however, is the will to survive, regardless of the circumstances.


Wild, uncharted grounds and unspoiled nature are not gardens of the biblical paradise. Even minor ailments, which are not a problem for a man in the city, such as a toothache, danger of infection, common throat infection, far from civilization and human settlements, they can mean death, On the other hand, city life often takes the place of problems, which disappeared thanks to the benefits of civilization, creates new. These can be persistent headaches of living with noise and endless stress, or the risk of neoplastic diseases caused by environmental pollution and the presence of radioactive materials in the environment.

■ Brak odpowiedniej ilości tlenu w rozrzedzonym powietrzu na dużych wysokościach utrudnia oddychanie, which can cause respiratory diseases such as emphysema.

■ Palenie tytoniu i zanieczyszczenie powietrza są jedną z przyczyn raka płuc, they can also cause other diseases, such as asthma.

■ Woda zanieczyszczona lub będąca siedliskiem drobnoustrojów chorobotwórczych może być przyczyną groźnych chorób.

■ Zbyt duże dawki chemikaliów w pożywieniu oraz wszechobecne na polach uprawnych pestycydy wywołują alergie, tumors, hyperactivity, and also damage the liver, ovaries or testicles.

■ Promienie ultrafioletowe wywołują raka skóry i oparzenia.

■ Pyłki i innego rodzaju drobiny unoszone wraz z kurzem w powietrzu są często przyczyną alergii i związanych z nią objawów takich jak gorączka, choking or asthma.

■ Wysoki poziom hałasu może wywołać głuchotę, frequent headaches, it also aggravates stress.

■ Zetknięcie skóry z substancjami chemicznymi może wywołać uczulenie, and inhaling their fumes apart from allergies can damage the liver and kidneys.

■ Promieniowanie pochodzące z różnego rodzaju materiałów i urządzeń, as well as radioactive waste and spills during accidents in nuclear power plants causes damage to reproductive cells, which may impair newborn babies and may cause leukemia.

■ Stres, invariably associated with the urban lifestyle and eternal rush, it is the cause of many mental ailments, and physical.