Water supply

All living organisms consist largely of water, without which they cannot exist. Away from human settlements, the first activity, which you should do in addition to sheltering is to find a clean spring, drinking water. Having constant access to water is more important for life than being able to get food. Since the dawn of time, human settlements have been established in places rich in water. The fertile valleys of the great rivers became the cradle of ancient civilizations, providing water for drinking and irrigation of fields.

This contributed to the development of trade and culture, giving people more time in the eternal cycle of struggle for existence from harvest to harvest. However, water was also the cause of the catastrophe of many civilizations, spreading deadly plagues or flooding cities. A modern city dweller uses liters of running water, without thinking about its origins. However, this is one of the illusions, brought by civilization, which may one day dissipate. That's enough, that rivers and underground will run out. Therefore, respect water as well as your life.


Water is the most important ingredient, what we need to provide to our body, to live. We can survive even several days without food, without water, the body becomes dehydrated quickly, which will disrupt its functioning and lead to death. Therefore, one of the most important steps, what you should learn before venturing out into the unknown, is the ability to find water in a variety of situations and conditions.