The daily energy requirement of the body


Energy, which we provide the body with in the form of food, is measured in calories. Man needs a certain number of calories, to stay alive. Even lying in bed all day, burns up approx 2000 kilocalories (kilocalories to 1000 calories). The body's daily need for them depends on many different factors. You have to take care of it in the field, to maintain a balance between the number of calories supplied to the body and the energy we burn.

The number of calories the body burns depends on the type of human activity, from effort, what he must put in the performance of a given task, his physical condition and external conditions, such as the climate. The data below shows the average value of energy used by men and women for different activities. Please note, that individual energy needs and calories, what is burned during various types of activity varies with many external factors, such as the weather, or terrain, in which it came to act.

Type of activity – Kilocalories per hour
Rest 70
Seat 90
Lighting a bonfire 135
March 180
Cycling 240
Wood chopping 360
Short run 360
Run a longer distance 400
Swimming 500

Energy demand

In men, the metabolism is slower than in women. Men also burn more calories a day than women. Apart from gender, age also determines the body's energy requirements. Young people burn more calories, because they are generally more active than the older ones.

People living in hot climates need fewer calories than people living in cold regions of the world, because they don't use as much energy to keep the body warm. However, the heat causes profuse sweating, and thus a large loss of water and mineral salts.

Constantly staying in low temperatures and the need to be constantly ready for the greatest effort make you, that mountain climbing is one of the more energy-consuming activities. The daily energy requirement of the climber's organism often exceeds 5000 kilocalories. Otherwise, he is in danger of dying from exhaustion or hypothermia.

Hard work, requires an increased daily amount of calories supplied to the body, compared to this one, what is sufficient for a sedentary person. It happens so, because the body uses more energy, when the body is in motion and the muscles are constantly working. Lumberjacks get hot during their work, caloric meals, which allows them to quickly regenerate.