Signs of water occurrence

Signs of water occurrence.

Most often, traces of animals indicate the presence of water, green groves or human settlements visible from a distance. There are also other natural signs. On
In areas that are apparently devoid of flora and fauna, try to spot any living creatures or plants. However, you have to remember, that some
birds, for example vultures, can travel long distances without supplying the body with water.

Trees, palm trees and other vegetation
All trees need water, to live. However, it should be remembered, that some of them put very long tap roots into the ground. Palms usually grow there, where there is even a little water below the surface. Some of them store water in the log or roots.

Bees and flies
Bees usually fly within a radius of at most 5 km from their nest and they need a constant source of water. Watch the direction, in which they fly away leaving the nest. The flies are usually even closer to the water – about a hundred meters from its source or even less. In the desert, however, they can fly as if out of nowhere, regardless of the distance of the nearest water tank.

Marching ants
Ants cannot do without constant access to water. If you see a column of ants marching up the tree trunk, you can expect, that they are headed towards a natural rainwater reservoir.

Animal tracks
Animals grazing in open spaces must drink water at least at dawn and before dusk. Then they usually go to the watering hole or come back from there. Their tracks can therefore show us the way to the nearest source of fresh water. Approaching the waterhole, watch out for predators, who can also use it or chat nearby for thirsty herbivores.