Preparing the fish for baking

Preparing the fish for baking

Fresh fish is the tastiest. The simplest, the fastest ways to cook fish guarantee the tastiest meal. You don't need to keep fish over the fire for a long time. Roast them over the heat or put them on a makeshift spit. You can fry a single fish whole, suffocate or bake in mud.

1 Cut open the fillet, hop it with two long sticks. remember, that the green sticks won't charcoal as much, but also do not use any wood that gives off a lot of sap, because it will splash.

2 Cut a thicker stick, about half the length. Put the fillet in it and lay it flat.

3 Tie the cut stick over the fillet, so that it does not open due to heat. Stick the other end into the ground over the fading fire at this angle, so that the fish is above the heat. The fish is ready, when the meat can be flaked.


They can be fried or baked whole, no filleting. After gutting, stick a few fish on a stick and bake over embers or fry in a pan. Don't remove the heads, without them, the fish can fall apart.

On a stick – Gut the little fish, however, leave the heads and tails on. Put them on a stick and bake them over a fire.