Preparation of beverages and algae


Evergreen needles, like pine trees (Pinus) or spruce (Picea), they are rich in vitamins A and C.. You can make tea from them. Only collect fresh, young needles, without any discoloration. Coffee can be replaced with chicory leaves (Chicorium) or acorns (Quercus).

1 Aby przygotować herbatkę z igieł, you need to collect two teaspoons of needles per glass of water. Rub them with a large stone.

2 Wrzuć igły na gotującą się wodę. Leave them 5-10 minutes, but don't cook anymore. Stir occasionally.

3 Strain the infusion. Add sugar or honey.


In Australia, eucalyptus leaves can be added to tea, having a very enjoyable experience, refreshing taste. Drinks are also made from dried clover flowers (Trifolium), nettle leaves (Urtica) and a kurdybank ivy (Glechoma). You can also mix maple syrup (Acer) with water.


Wild plant dishes are often bland in taste, but you can spice it up by adding spices and herbs. That is why it is worth taking ready-made spices with you – curry, cinnamon or cloves. You can also harvest wild plants, which serve as spices, dry them and keep them in stock. An example of a wild growing spice is nutmeg (Myristica), fruit of an evergreen plant found on the islands of eastern Indonesia. After drying, the semen can be chopped or grated and added to the roast, pudding and dishes made of plants such as spinach and cucurbits. Wild herbs are also tasty spices – thyme or basil.


Chondrus seaweed can be eaten raw, dried or cooked – in the form of jelly pudding.
This algae is rich in iodine, minerals and vitamins A and B. Found on scales on the flat coast in spring and early summer. You can also eat Porphyria algae, sea ​​salad (Uha) and Alaria.

1 Gather the algae by cutting them off the rocks with a knife. Spread out in the sun, to dry. They will then be paler and leathery.

2 Rinse the algae from the sand and cut into pieces.

3 Pour the plants with water or milk and heat, until the mixture starts to thicken.

4 Take out the seaweed, add sugar or fruit.

5 The food solidifies after cooling down. You can take it out of the pot with a spoon. Try to eat the food cold.