Poisonous mushrooms

It has no distinctive features, which would distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible ones. Toadstools -the most poisonous mushrooms, easy to recognize, but there are many other poisonous mushrooms with very different fruiting bodies. What's worse, some poisonous mushrooms are deceptively edible. There are many different signs that can identify a given mushroom as poisonous. The surest way
avoiding mushroom poisoning is to collect only these, about which there is no doubt, that they are edible. Here are some of the most dangerous poisonous hat mushrooms.

Among the toadstools there is the most dangerous fungus. However, not all poisonous mushrooms look like them. So it's safest to check the mushroom atlas and avoid these, which raise doubts.

Muchomor plamisty (Amanita pantherina)
Deadly poisonous. It grows in beech forests; it has brown, white spotted hat, white gills and two or three rings around the shaft.

Red fly agaric (Amanita muscaria)
It is easy to recognize; usually grows in beech and pine forests. He has a red hat, white spotted.

Muchomor jadowity (Amanita phalloides)
Deadly poisonous; appears in forests in summer and autumn. Its white fruiting body gives off a sweetly bland smell. Young poisonous toadstools resemble mushrooms.

Muchomor sromotnikowy (Amanita phalloides)
It is the most dangerous of all toadstools. It grows in forests, most often under beech or oak trees. He has an olive green hat, bright, bulbous shaft with a large sheath at the base and white gills.


Some poisonous mushrooms resemble edible ones, which are found in other areas. For example, many mushroom species are edible mushrooms, while a yellow colored mushroom variety – yellowish mushroom (Agaricus xanthodermus) it is highly poisonous. It can be recognized by the strong smell of iodine and yellow spots appearing in the affected areas. The spring toadstool should also be mentioned among the dangerous poisonous mushrooms (Amanita phalloides verna) about a white hat, which grows best under shady trees. Several species of Cortimrius mushrooms are also deadly poisonous.


Poisonous toadstools are easy to recognize. They all have a vagina at the base of the shaft, white gills under the cap and rings around the stem.

This North American red toadstool is found in coniferous forests. When eaten, it causes coma and hallucinations.