Hunter's stew

Hunter's stew

There is such an anecdote, when the hostess tells the other,
how to make bigos on wine: what will happen, it's in the pot.

And there is indeed a lot of truth in this anecdote,
because the most delicious bigos is then,
when it has tons of ingredients.

So it's okay to cook it
of two three kinds of cabbage:
pickled, Italian and white, with a predominance of pickled.

The bigos specialists say, that wonderful,
we get the sublime taste of bigos,
when we have all its ingredients
cook separately.

We start with cabbage.

Sour in a separate pot, in a separate sweet
- until they soften.

Stew by watering with water and fat.

The next topic for stew is meat.

It is also best to stew them separately,
or even bake (for example, you can bake
piece of pork neck, bacon and part of turkey or pork loin).

Baked, do we cut the stewed meat
into small pieces and throw them into stewed cabbage.

It will definitely enhance the taste of bigos
braised beef, but it has to be really soft.

There should also be a sausage
- it is best before throwing it into the communal garage,
fry in a pan, with onion.

Bigos can not do without dried mushrooms
- they need to be soaked first, to soften.

Finally, the plums - they really make a great difference
on the taste and color of this dish
- of course, we take the seeds out of them.

And finally stewing, so after many,
many hours of stewing together
all ingredients
we pour red wine.

Bigos, unfortunately, has a tendency to burn,
so you have to keep stirring it.

You can - after throwing in all the ingredients
put it in the stove and let it there
comes on low heat.

Then we avoid this cumbersome mixing.