1 Place several large ones next to each other, flat stones. Do not use slate or any layered rock for this, will crumble when exposed to heat.

2 Place needles and small twigs on the stones, and dry sticks on them. Set fire to the needles. Leave the fire, let it burn, until only ash remains. During this time, prepare the food.

3 Use a bunch of green twigs to sweep the ash off the surface of the stones. Be careful, so as not to touch them with your hand, because they will be very hot.

4 Put your food on the stones. If you need to simmer something, put it on the edge, there the stones are not that hot. Add more portions of food, until the stones cool down. You can bury the skinned potatoes under them and bake them in ashes.


N Wild plant and animal dishes are much tastier when you add herbs or spices. Also, do not regret fresh garlic and onions; use stock cubes.

■ The easiest way to prepare a meal is to boil water and throw everything into it at once. Mixing everything up – from canned fish to sweet biscuits and dried fruit in one pot – may seem like a food that cannot be eaten, but with the addition of curry, such a dish will take on a great taste.

■ If you are cooking food, do not pour out the decoction, because it contains many nutrients, which are leached from meat and vegetables. However, do not drink the decoction made after boiling harmful substances.