The easiest way to prepare meals is toasting, most often by holding a stick of stuffed food over the fire's flames or coals. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, always cook any food, if you are not completely sure about its suitability. Cooking kills bacteria, parasites, removes chemicals. Thanks to cooking, dishes made of wild plants and animals become tastier, more appetizing. Cooking also allows you to digest many foods. And above all, eating a cooked meal will give you strength.

Cooking on an open fire – It is enough to hang the mess tin over the fire. You can also wait, until the flames are dimmed and use the heat.


It is done by sticking two sticks forked at the ends into the ground and placing the third one on top of them, simple stick. Look after, lest the flames reach the stick and smoke the cauldron. When the food is ready, move the cauldron over the hanging stick with the stick.

It is very stable and easy to use. Make a tripod, tie a rosochaty stick in the middle. Hang the cauldron on the stick. You can change the height, on which the cauldron hangs and thus regulate the speed of cooking. Wait before placing the tripod over the fire, until the heat is almost there.

This way of hanging the cauldron over the fire is especially useful when preparing dishes such as stews, when you need to constantly regulate the temperature. Drive the stick forked at the end into the ground. We put the second in the fork, long stick, trying, so that its end hangs right over the fire. We attach the cauldron to it. The other end is attached to a stick stuck vertically.

The bamboo stalks are hard and hollow, they can be made into wonderful pots. Take a hard one, sharpened stick and bamboo stalk. Make a small hole in each partition that separates the empty sections, just don't make holes in the bottom. Pour water into the stem, its level should not reach the first partition from the top. Tilt the stem over the fire, rest it on a forked stick stuck in the ground. Warm the stem, until the water starts to boil, then put the food in the first empty section and steam it.