Team Scouting Commission

Team Scouting Commission

Each member of our organization pursues its development path, should get scout degrees. He is often, that the team leader is in control, the adjutant or the Team Council. However, it is worth considering setting up a separate commission.

The advice is the most important

One of the functions of the Team Council is to open and close rehearsals for steps. The Commission's proposal is more for teams that do not have such a council (though and when they have, with the consent of the functionaries of course, it's not a bad idea to have a separate group). We cannot let the team leaders feel threatened or unnecessary.

What does it give us?

The ranks committee may consist of people who obviously have ranks. Thanks to this experience, they will be able to rationally evaluate the samples and, if necessary, help to change individual points. Additionally, people who do not perform functions, find their place in the group and learn something new.

Is it possible to mark it somehow on the uniform?

As the Team Degree Commission is not an official body of the Polish Scouting Association, it does not have a mark on the uniform. The uniform regulations say, however, that:

II. Signs of features
1. Team, gromada:
3) team function - a cord of the basic function with a green zipper, carried under the shoulder;

Source: Annex to the Main Resolution of the ZHP Headquarters no 176/2017 of 21 February 2017 r. on the Uniform Regulations of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. The main function of the cord is simply a gray cord, where the person is a regular team member.

Cite in the order or not?

Necessarily, if it is an official unit. It will give a higher rank and motivate its members more.

What the Team Scouting Committee should have?

If we create it on the model of a squad organ, should have all document templates, requirements for individual degrees, requests to be opened and granted, copies of trial cards and reports (reports) from meetings. It is worth assessing the cards visually, especially in younger teams. Who said, that they must be printed on A4 jobs? Let your imagination run wild!