Shaping the skills of scouts- Metoda EDGE

Shaping the skills of scouts- Metoda EDGE

By accepting new pupils to our team, we have to teach them many different scouting techniques. Knots, focal stacks, ciphers ... How to teach, to teach?

One of the methods of learning new skills is the EDGE method.

E- explain- explain

D- demonstrate- demonstrate

G- guide- lead

E- enable- turn on, activate, run (let do it yourself)


Consider building a focal stack as an example. First, explain the basic information about the focal stack in question. Why are we setting it on fire, what kind of wood and kindling you use. Describe briefly what the building looks like.

Thanks to this step, the information is provided for the first time, generally, but it allows you to understand the idea of ​​a given skill. Share with participants, it's not time for questions yet. At the moment, they should listen (any interesting and relatively fast, a lecture on campfires is a bad idea).


Now it's time to show you step by step what you will do to make the pile turn out perfectly. Break down each activity into prime factors, let you see tinder up close, pay attention to the differences between the first sticks you add and the ones at the end. In this step, encourage you to ask questions. The effect of this point is to be a beautiful focal pile made by the lecturer.

Notice, that right after hearing on the first point, you activate children's eyesight. The scouts HEARED what to do first, and now they SEE. In addition, you prove yourself that you have a given skill and no one has to take your word for it 😉

It can be like this, that it will be difficult for you to focus the scouts' attention on what you say. Dlatego sprawdź artykuł Dlaczego harcerze nie słuchają

Lead it

When you demonstrated what building a stack looks like, you allow it, let the participants try for themselves. Be patient, explain again if necessary, deliver the materials in advance (or collect it yourself). Correct your mistakes and explain why, as you presented earlier. It's still a learning phase- cannot be said yet, that someone has fully acquired the skill, but he can EXPERIENCE it himself. If necessary- repeat everything all over again.

Let do it yourself

When you are sure, that all the previous steps have been completed, test the scout's knowledge by building a pile without your interference. The result should be beautiful, a perfectly burning fire 🙂

The EDGE method allows you to learn through the three senses - sight, hearing and touch. Just activating them, is essential to fully understanding the activity and greatly increases the likelihood of acquiring a skill. And that's what we all mean!