Starszoharcerski project – How to do it?

Starszoharcerski project – How to do it?

The Starszoharcerski project is the basic work tool of the age scouts 13-15 years. So let's know how to go about it, to be able to take full advantage of its possibilities.

What is an old-fashioned project?

The oldszoharcerski project is a task undertaken on the contractors' own initiative, jointly planned, implemented and assessed by the group. The starting point is an intention, taking the initiative, setting a common goal. During the project implementation, each participant performs individual tasks resulting from the plan, in line with their abilities and interests. The project develops these interests, develops responsibility and the ability to work in a team.

“In search of adventure. A handbook of a team starszoharcerskiej team "edited. E. Gąsiorowska and E. Kulczyk-Prus, Łódź 2013, Ed. Chestnut, str. 104

In other words, this is a task undertaken by a team of elder scouts. Planning independence is an important aspect, implementation and summary of this task, which of course does not exclude supervision by the team.

Stages of the implementation of the starszoharcerski project

  1. Na samym początku spotyka się grupa harcerzy starszych by wspólnie come up with a task. The important thing is, that they DO NOT HAVE to be from the same host or team. It can be a group of scouts friends with common goals and interests.
  2. Then, when the idea is chosen, one leader emerges który przedstawi go Radzie Drużyny, oraz an implementation schedule is created. It must be as detailed as possible, and for each point there is one person responsible for its implementation. Of course, There may be more people implementing a given point. Ważne jest również determining the form of documenting the work. It may be a photo chronicle, movie etc..
  3. Gdy projekt zostanie spisany na Starszoharcerski Project Card, the leader reports to the Team Council to present the idea and ask for its approval. The Team Council may suggest some corrections.
  4. After opening a project with a squad order, grupa carries out assigned tasks. The project should not take more than 6 months.
  5. When all tasks are completed, grupa spotyka się by summarize all your work. Należy zastanowić się nad tym, whether the goal has been achieved, which was the most problematic, who especially showed himself in the implementation of tasks. Applications must be recorded on the Project Sheet.
  6. Lider zgłasza się do Rady Drużyny by poinformować o completion of the project oraz by przedstawić dokumentację. The Team Council approves the project, what the teammate announces by order.

Good to know!

  • As I mentioned in the first point, w projekcie nie muszą brać udziału osoby z jednego zastępu, team.
  • The leader must constantly watch over the implementation of individual tasks and be in contact with those responsible for them.
  • Let your imagination run wild when documenting the assignment.
  • Include your grades and dexterity tests in your assignments.
  • The team leader can suggest and propose various tasks, but can't narzucić tematu Projektu Starszoharcerskiego.
  • The leader is responsible directly to the Team Council for the implementation of the project.
  • Completed old-fashioned projects are marked on the uniform- "The symbol of the realized project of the old-timers is a badge on the right sleeve of the uniform with dimensions of 2cm x 7cm in the colors of the team, where each completed project is marked with one vertical stripe in any color. "

Examples of oldszoharcerskich projects. Maybe you will find something for yourself?

  • organizing a sports tournament in an orphanage
  • carrying out an event on the occasion of Children's Day at school
  • organizing a school newspaper
  • organizing a team camp
  • organizing a detachment event
  • organizing a guitar ring at school, private lessons, literary meetings
  • carrying out a campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • making a map of monuments and memorials in the city of group activities
  • boat renovation (in teams that have them)
  • renovation of harcówki
  • tidying up the garden of a person who is not able to do it himself
  • wykonanie broszury turystycznej miasta
  • making a camping cookbook
  • setting up and running a team blog
  • running a bonfire at the Rally's Rally
  • making an inventory of the team, tidying up the troop warehouse
  • organizing a medical run
  • obtaining a tourist badge or other qualifications

I attach to the article an exemplary card of the oldszoharcerski project.

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