This is not real scouting anymore

This is not real scouting anymore.

Scouting is dying. I hear such voices from different sides- from past and current instructors. Is this internal discontent manifested in us?? Taka stereotypowa, Polish mentality? Or maybe the ZHP in a moment will turn into a bunch of kids who will not know what the camp life tastes like?

Stare, good scouting.

Let's agree on one thing- scouting is not what it used to be. We don't wash the dishes in the river, we don't sleep on mattresses, we often go to camp bases with access to running water and toilets. We have cell phones, computers, tablets and electricity in tents (no, at least the staff usually does). We constantly monitor where our scouts are.

There are many differences, which separate us from the image of Scouting as such, initiated over 100 years ago. More than one article has been written about the dying idea of ​​wilderness in our organization, so I do not feel the need to reinvent the wheel. However, we are forgetting one important thing:

Let's start looking for it, what good.

Scouting does not change "through someone else's fault", because the “guilt” itself is nowhere to be found. It presupposes, something bad is going on, which is total nonsense. We are here, where are we because it's getting better!

People's standard of living changed dramatically after the breakthrough in 1989. Access to technology, economic development, the improvement of living conditions showed us, that we don't have to stand in lines, to try to buy meat. We don't have to wash in the river, to be neat at the camp. That I don't have to worry about the stench from the latrine, when I want to take care of my needs. That it can be BETTER.

What would scouting look like, if it was completely forbidden to use cell phones at collections and camps? If we did not allow photography with smartphones, because “in my time we only had one camera, and the clichés were expensive ". Would it be more… complete? Real? Right?

What would scouting look like, if we were still rinsing the canteens with water and sand from the river. Would it make, that our scouts would be more hardened? What would we gain from this?

Resisting progress, it is a denial of reality.

New scouting has come. We may not agree with him, but we have to accept. Things that may once have been the order of the day, now they are downright unacceptable. We are not going with the times, how people like to describe it. We follow the demands of society, because it is it that decides whether or not to be a scouting group as a youth organization. As long as the world changes, we too must take care of this, to be up to date. Otherwise, in a few years we will be an archaic curiosity.

Grab the bull by the horns (and attach a GoPro to him).

Do not worry. The present times do not limit us so much to scouting. Contrary! They open up a lot of possibilities for us, which our parents did not have. Build an obstacle course with logs of wood and rope with your team! You will teach job scouts, knots, safety rules and, if you do not do well with this OHS, this and even first aid in case of cuts! But also try putting on VR glasses with an app that turns the vision upside down and take the experience one level higher! And right after that, make a fundraiser about the dangers of holding the phone screen close to your face for too long.

“The mission of ZHP is to educate a young person, czyli wspieranie go we wszechstronnym rozwoju…”

If you don't teach scouts how to use technology, no one will do it. It's no secret, that most Computer Science classes have nothing to do with the current realities of life on the Internet, and cyberbullying classes are, in my opinion, mockery. Support the school and parents in educating young people, which, which can be seen very often, jest zagubiona we współczesnym świecie. To nie jest tak, that the children are not coping. WE DIDN'T TEACH THEM TO COOPERATE.

The attack of the present world on "modern youth" stems from the fear of the unknown. Before that, that present 10 the year-old knows more about programming than a computer scientist from his school. We stop keeping up with the development, but let's not stop the youth, because it is them who will live longer in the changed world, different from ours.

Do not duplicate horribly harmful patterns and spread panic, that is wrong, because that's what Zbyszek from TV says, everything expert. It is how it is!

Upbringing as a common part of "old" and "present" scouting.

Do you know why "that" scouting was so catchy? Because it prepared the citizen to live in the "local" world.

One thing is for sure. We still want to educate in the spirit of the old ideas: patriotism, service, brotherhood and friendship. They will never get old. THE WAY of this upbringing- yes. The end does not justify the means. Instead of complaining about it, that the youth is always sitting at the computer and is sick- introduce physical and sports activities as part of the mandatory collection. Go out to the rope park, to the swimming pool or to the rocks. After the first sourdoughs (and properly prepared collection), the children will understand for themselves, that gymnastics several times a week is the same health!

Let us bring up with our heads.

How will be in scouting for the next 100 years?

It will be fine. I will not live to see this time, just to say “I told you so?”, but if any trace of this article remains, I greet you 😀

Scouting is a great educational organization. It opens up many paths, allows you to find yourself, makes, that we are better. It will be different. That's for sure. But is it better? It depends only on us and our pupils. Let us keep the memories of our times in our pockets and give them the knowledge and skills needed to live in their known world.