Harcerski Savoir Vivre

Harcerski Savoir Vivre

Good upbringing comes from home, it is true as old as the world. However, there are situations, which it is impossible to discover in the privacy of your home. That's why, every scout should know a few simple rules, reigning in the company of scouts (and not only).

New on the collection ...

Before the collection, your parent will call you to inform you, that she wants to sign up her child for a fundraiser. They come at the agreed time ...

  • Introduce yourself to the parent by name.
  • If you are both men of the same age, or are you older- extend your hand to greet. You can introduce yourself with a degree as well, although it is not required- not everyone will understand you. However, it is worth mentioning, that you are the team. If you are younger or you are talking to your mom (regardless of age)- wait for your parent to shake your hand.
  • As a woman, you can reach out first, I guess, that your mother must be older than you.
  • Give your hand to the child, say your name and ask for his / her.
    • "Hi, I'm Adam*, and you, what's your name?”
  • With questions about the baby, always address him directly, not the parent. Your future scout will feel appreciated and will notice at the very beginning, that you take him seriously. It happens sometimes, that the parent is very dominant- keep going, continue to ask your child questions even if he or she doesn't have time to answer.

*If everyone in your team calls you friend / bridesmaid- "Hi, I'm bridesmaid Ania ".

The instructor enters the scout with a new person

  • On the way to the hall, take care of the so-called small-talc. "How old are you? Which class are you in? What is your school?”. Thanks to this you will get to know the child and learn a bit at the beginning.
  • Call a surrogate / surrogate to whom you will assign a new person and tell them to look after the guest. Knowing how to live mówi, that we present a person lower in the hierarchy to a person higher, that is:
    “Bridesmaid Ania, this is Ola, will be in your host today, take care of her. Olu, this is Ania, if you have any questions, then always direct them to her. "
  • At the end of the meeting, ask if she liked it and invite them to another meeting.
  • If the parent passes with you to "you", it doesn't fall out from now on, for you to speak, because you will give a delicate signal, that you don't want it, and relationships with parents should be built from the very beginning.

Caution: Do not introduce the new person to the entire team at once. It could be embarrassing for her. The most convenient situation is one-to-one.

What does the surrogate do?

  • Reach out and say hello to the girl. It's worth giving your name again.
  • Summon the host and introduce the new person to all its members.
    "Girls, this is Ola, will be in our host today. Olu, this is Zosia, Kasia and Basia "
  • You are responsible for it from now on, so that Ola does not feel bad in your company. Translate what is happening on a regular basis, ask what he likes to do, invite you to play, if you have any inner jokes, it is worth giving their context.
  • At the end of the meeting, ask if she liked it and invite her to another fundraiser.

What every scout and instructor should know

  • Entering the skirmisher, one should stop at the door and say hello to everyone, "Stay awake".
  • When someone enters the skirmisher and greets you with a scout's greeting, we answer "Stay awake".
  • If a ZHP instructor comes in, everyone should stand up when greeting.
  • Subordinate (scout) or a junior degree at the instructor's meeting, the senior rank or his superior always salutes the first, but doesn't shake hands, just waiting for this gesture from a person more important in the hierarchy.
  • It is not appropriate to sit when the more important person is standing in the room. The exception is the situation, when a person asks to "rest".

What about this food?

I have noticed, that the rules governing meals differ depending on the environment in which we live. If you are a guest at a party on another team, see who's behaving and adapt, even if it's different for you.

  • You shouldn't leave the table, I guess, that we are the service crew or we go to the toilet.
  • The host should only be seated, when the guests are seated.
  • The start of the meal should be signaled by the teammate. There are different customs:
    • the signal is “Sma- WHAT "
    • always starts eating teammates. Depending on the reason, it can be received negatively or positively by different environments. This is my custom, which was caused by this, that the scouts did not always know the rule to treat the guest at the table first and it did not look very good. That's why I make the first bite, when I recognize, that the invitees have already imposed food.
      Edition 2020:
      I have deviated from this habit. I recognized, that “tasty” is a signal enough for the group, to start the meal. Now how do I look at it, it was a bit pointless 😉 A person learns all his life!
    • Other, characteristic of the environment

Internet and virtual contacts

  • In the e-mails, by writing to the Instructor or institution, we sign our name in the footer of the message, surname, function, degree and environment. It's worth adding your contact number
    “pwd. Łukasz Łukaszowski H.O, team team of the 20th Scout Team 'Łukasze' Hufiec Łukasz tel. Come on. 545 XXX 544”
  • In the chat, Messenger or SMS, We always start and end the message with the salutation "Stay awake". It is not appropriate to urge me by writing only question marks- if the person does not write back, we repeat the question.
  • Be brief. The question "There is a friend?"Is a weak option. Better to get straight to the point, if the other person has time, he will write back.
  • On internet forums, blog comments, FB itd. You can easily call EVERYONE by name, that is per "you", I guess, that someone will suggest, that he doesn't want it. Here, however, there is a problem- not everyone knows Netiquette and may be indignant, that some youngster is trying to familiarize himself. On the one hand- it's not your problem. On the other hand it, how you behave will be your showpiece. Apologize or make aware, although the latter option is not the most diplomatic and cultural. It will be best to see how someone approached you and apply the same rule. In this blog, everyone can refer to each other by first name, and if someone does not like it, it's safer for his peace and his nerves will not comment on the posts.

There are many other aspects that I could bring up here, however I think, that it is the most popular of us in force. Of course, all the rules apply not only to scouting, but also in contacts outside the organization.