Free applications for scouts

4 useful, free applications for scouts (Android).

Whether we like it or not, we have entered the era of unlimited access to technology. I'm wondering, why the use of telephones is still a controversial topic among the team. “We are scouts! We have to do without technology!”The instructors write on Messenger, discussion forums, portalach internetowych…
However, I encourage you to test the application. Checking their functionality, practical use and, above all, fun! However, we should know moderation in their use. I still think having a crossword (scout's notebook) it is inextricably linked with our scout life. After all, electricity is not always available at the camp, and the book with hints of techniques will not be discharged ...
Let's cut to the chase! Here are some android apps useful in scouting life! (all are available for free)

HarcApp –

Official application of the ZHP. I don't think I need to introduce anyone. It has quite a few shortcomings and shortcomings, but I recommend it the most. Constantly developed and refined, it is already a must-have for everyone. You will find an encoder there, scout dictionary, guitar tabs, songbook and many more. And additionally, on the splash screen, will suggest a motivational quote 😉

Polish birds – = emission.ptakipol.dir&hl=pl

List of birds that can be found in the natural environment in Poland. After selecting any genre, we will see details such as: Is it under species protection?, when, where and at what times of the day it can be observed and many more.
Additionally, in the top panel we will listen to what sounds it makes, we will find it on Youtube and add it to your favorites (useful if we want to build a bird base, e.g.. in a park in our city).

Sky map –

For phones with a gyroscope. A great application that, after pointing the phone to the appropriate area of ​​the sky, shows what constellations and stars are currently visible there. The effectiveness of the application depends on the appropriate calibration of the phone.
It also has a planet and star search function. After entering any name in the search engine, a circle with an arrow appears, which will lead us to the current area where the object is located.

Pinterest –

As for me, an application that you just have to have. After creating a free account, you can create thematic boards and add the so-called. Pins for her, collecting interesting offers.
Just enter in the search engine, e.g.. "Scout ideas" and the application will search for pictures and pages from the genre of "Do it yourself" on this subject. Crosswords, ideas, inspirations, collection proposals- it's all at your fingertips. The English base is more extensive, but users still supplement Polish.