Educator burnout

Educator burnout

Pamiętasz ten moment, when you came to your first fundraiser? That thrill, when you surrounded yourself with strangers? Uncertainty, if everyone will accept you and want to talk to you at all? Team, who passionately talked about wonderful adventures, that are waiting for you? You got a spark that day.


Another fundraising, trips, meetings. The spark turned to a flame. Each meeting was fuel, igniting more and more fire. Until you flared up. You felt great among people, with whom you shared your passions, feelings, dilemmas. You absorbed new sensations with every moment, wonderful moments, you met people, you studied. It gave you the strength to continue. You knew, that this is where your place is.

Then something happened, which you might not even expect. After some time, you were able to share your fire with others, scared, wonderful people. You sent sparkles to new hearts by believing, that they too will burn with the same feeling as you, when did you have these 10 years. It has not always been successful, but each one is staring at you, były najlepszą rekompensatą za całe poświęcenie dane podczas pracy instruktorskiej.

You don't even know when, your flame faded more and more. It turned out more and more often, that being the light of the fire is more difficult. You tried, you doubled and tripled until the end, Your fuel has run out. You did not enjoy the next fundraiser. Organizing the trip has become an unpleasant duty, and the camp- an impassable barrier. The flames of others shone brighter. Their glow blinded you.

We all get burnout. Sooner or later you'll start to wonder, does anything you do make any sense. Or maybe, like me quite recently, you are in this moment? What to do?

1. Take a breath. Take a break.

Sometimes you have to give yourself some time. Stop setting up more watts every weekend. Leave camping. Ask someone to run the fundraiser for you. One day won't hurt, and it will definitely help. Make some time, when you are gone. Maybe Sunday? Spend it with your family, turn off the phone, set Facebook to "offline" mode. You need it.

2. Find and pursue your passion.

Sometimes it is like this, that by taking over the function, we focus on pursuing someone else's interests. We forget about ourselves. It's great to indulge in your hobby sometimes. Even better, if you can combine them with scouting work.

3. Understand, that life is not only about scouting.

It happens, that we engage in instructor work in 100%, neglecting all of this, what's outside. Life is a lot of experiences, not everything has to be connected with scouting.

4. Let it go.

contest? Team page? Chronicle? Documents? Outgoing papyrology? Collection? Work plans? Let it go. Delegate some responsibilities to someone else. He can do it. I laughed.

5. Take a course, workshops.

Change the environment. Maybe in a friendly troop there are workshops for teams? Bodyguards? Maybe there is a First Aid course? So what, you already have it! You can always learn something new, a już na pewno poznasz innych ludzi. Take advantage of it.

6. Meet the instructors privately.

Organize a trip without children. Do something, which will be an opportunity for all of you to strengthen your relationship, but it will also become a form of rest. Scouting is not only for children, but also for the older ones. Maybe there is you, more burned out?

7. Talk to someone.

You definitely have friends. Perhaps it is worth reaching out to them? Talk about the things that bother you? They will definitely help you relieve yourself. Also, do not detract from the knowledge of senior instructors. They have been through it too and are a tremendous repository of motivation.

8. Limit your functions.

It is often like this, that we have more than one function. You have to understand, that something that is for everything, sucks. Sometimes it makes sense to choose this, what actually makes us happy and at the thought of what our hair does not stand on end.

9. get ready.

By being burned out, planning is very often neglected. We are going to the element. It used to work, a teraz już jakby mniej. Each fundraiser seems to be a failure and undermines our self-confidence. Get ready for it. Write a plan, synopsis, browse the internet looking for new forms of work, invite an interesting person. Do something new, unconventional.

10. Find a different path in life.

This is not talked about. After all, you can't lose an instructor! It's not true. We never lose instructors. We allow them to develop in a different field. After all, that was the intention- raise a good citizen. No actions were effective? You feel, that you just don't want to be part of the team life, troop? You don't have any more time? Give up. Hand over the function to someone else and watch it burn, but remember to always support and share experiences, by i on, when the flame goes out, he had support in someone. Perhaps his adventure with scouting will continue for many years to come?

You also don't have to give up completely. Become the team leader. Become a member of the instructor circle. Go "higher", work in a troop, become governor, deputy commander, set up a scout club. The organization gives you a lot of possibilities and it is only up to you how you use them.

I am writing this text shortly after I was about to quit my job in the organization. It's a really tough time, because it gives us a lot of negative emotions. Motivation and creativity are declining, everything upsets us, something that gave pleasure becomes unbearable. We blame ourselves for all our failures.

Do not worry. Everything works out in the end. Burnout is not the end of the world, you can always handle it. You are needed.