A portion of inspiration for the team team spirit

A portion of inspiration for the team team spirit

Brave colonies are just about to come, lesson plans prepared, but there will always be a moment of free time, which we did not plan. So I suggest you take a look at some inspirations that will surely come in handy in emergency situations!

At the beginning, Thank you to Gosia's bridesmaid who motivated me to search the depths of the Internet. Without her, this article would not exist, so all of us together: THANK YOU-MY-THANK YOU! 馃榾

I am not a brash methodologist, so probably more than one of the Grandmaster will be able to accuse me, that some games will not be adapted to age children 7-10, but whatever! Who knows, maybe I hit it after all? 馃槈 So, let's do it!

Zobacz r贸wnie偶 artyku艂 Scouting on the Internet by znale藕膰 inne pomys艂y!

<- some ideas from the Central Bank of Ideas. Pretty poor here under the tag "Zuchy", but you will surely find something for yourself!

http://www.zuchy.zhp.pl/zbiorki-tematyczne.html <- Here you will find drafts of games and activities for the cheeky ones. The website is admittedly not updated for the benefit of CBP, but still useful (once it's loaded ...)

http://www.edukacja.edux.pl/p-7956-wizyta-w-lesie-konspekt-zbiorki-gromady.php <- Quite a nice outline of forest collection. After all, Zuch loves nature and ... A, no ... Whatever.

http://hau.zhp.net.pl/konspekty-3 <- Fitness cycles to be realized in Gromada Zuchowa.

http://8trop.pl/pliki/sprawnosci_zuchowe.pdf <- Virtually every team fitness is a list of ideas for classes. Even pulling single points out of them, you can neatly avert the crisis of free time!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = WvsSuwoM4uI <- Here is a game suggestion, in which one chick is standing on the box, the task of the children is to hit the box, and the person on it- he tries to prevent him from scoring a point with a broom stick. Whoever hits turns place with the defender.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = yicMrOnjYX8 <- The second is in the video- the little ones love to play it. We designate 3 line- left, right and middle (at equal distances). Na 艣rodkowej linii stawiamy np. hat, and on the rest of the teams stand (one team on the left, second from right) On the command "start", the first person from each team runs to the hat with one hand behind his back (cannot use it), her task is to take the hat with her free hand and return to her team. Important, that none of the participants maintain physical contact with each other (no push, leaning on someone or hitting the body)

https://youtu.be/k6bHltjIYzE <- A short game of it, that the participants hold hands in a circle and follow the instructor's instructions, such as. Jump in, jump left, jump right, jump back, jump in place ". Slowly at first, then faster and faster. You can play while falling and choose the brightest person.

https://youtu.be/MAsZ6i7bIUo <- the fun of it, that one person leaves the hall, the rest sit in a circle. A leader is elected, which dictates some gestures, behavior, e.g.. Jumping on one leg. The person who left the hall enters the wheel without knowing who the leader is, and this one is already making a gesture, repeated by all participants of the game. The task of the person in the circle is to guess who the leader is, and the leader's task is to change gestures in such a way that the person in the circle does not notice.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = J0mCMfRGmqw&list=PLRLTyb1U-dus9sjrx4ZXaJ5dpnRf2iPer Na tej playli艣cie jest kilka ciekawych pomys艂贸w na zaj臋cia dla najm艂odszych, though they require preparation.

Do you have any ideas of your own? Share them, maybe we will do the second part of the inspiration for the Zuchmistrz贸w!