What to pack for a camping trip?

What to pack for a camping trip?

In my opinion, camping is the best part of scouting life. Communing with nature, acquiring new skills, rest… that's something, which allows you to recharge the battery after the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A typical camping trip usually goes on 3 days, includes wandering (even if we only consider arriving and returning), activities, meals and daily necessities. Taking these factors into account, here is the list of things, which every scout should have with him at every camping.


  • Comfortable shoes are something, which should be standard for all travelers. After all, we don't want to get nasty prints and abrasions. Therefore, let's take care, that our shoes are worn well in advance, but also impregnated to protect against rain.
  • A handy first aid kit with basic equipment, such as patches, rescue scissors (have rounded ends, in order not to hurt, for example. cutting the bandage), bandages (flexible and ordinary), folia NRC, resuscitation mask, protective gloves, a triangular scarf and sometimes hand sanitizer (NOT WOUND).
  • Rain jacket.
  • "Onion" clothing, that is, so that you can only remove the top layer, if it's too hot for us.
  • Headgear.
  • Water- correspondingly much to the length and conditions of the march.
  • Comfortable backpack. Let's remember, that we do not usually need a backpack for a camping 80 l, a regular sixty is enough (though, there should be some free space inside, too).
  • A quick energy snack- baton, chocolate- anything that will allow us to quickly provide carbohydrates. Let's remember, that sugar is simple carbohydrates, that is, they provide energy as quickly as their supply is running out. It is worth looking for something containing complex carbohydrates, like for example. batony owsiane, whole grains etc..
  • 2 pairs of socks. So, even, when it's warm. Necessarily cotton, allow air to circulate in the shoe, insulate against abrasions and are very comfortable ? In order not to scald your foot on a long walk, we should always take off our shoes when parked.


  • The notepad will allow you to quickly write down important things or solve tasks. You can also learn to sketch, which should be a basic scouting skill.
  • Pencil, rubber, pen
  • Kapownik with scouting techniques.
  • Pocket knife / finka.
  • Paracord or plain line, about 1,5 meters.
  • Button bag.
  • Clothes to get dirty.


  • Canteen, cutlery.
  • Dish soap (soap can also be. Anything to clean.)

Everyday needs

  • Roll of toilet paper.
  • Washing utensils (brush, pasta, soap, deodorant)
  • Towel.
  • Underwear (at least 2 pairs of everything)
  • 3 T-shirts, 2 sweatshirts, one pair of bottom (or shorts) + uniform + those in which you will come.
  • Sleeping bag, karimata.
  • Pajamas.
  • Changeable footwear (you don't want to wear the same shoes all the time)
  • Shoe cleaning equipment (shoe polish, impregnated, brush)

It should be everything! I forgot something? Let me know in the comment ?

You can also download the list and print it! Below you can download a picture: