What are the characteristics of PCP pistols

What are the characteristics of PCP pistols.

Air rifles in our country are becoming more and more popular. Some buy them just for that, to shoot the targets, cans or bottles. Others, on the other hand, fear for their health, and even life. In other words, security. Whether, what is the purpose of this airgun for us, we would definitely like to, make it the best gun, which will work perfectly in its role. Today, the most popular are gas air rifles, in which the cartridge is powered by carbon dioxide. Certainly, this type of weapon will work well for rapid and serial shooting. For this, such guns are perfect. What though, if we don't care about speed, and accuracy. For example, if we want to train the eye and accuracy at the same time? Certainly, PCP air rifles are the best for such shooting.

Accurate and no recoil.
If we were to talk about pluses, what such pistols have, then we would definitely have to mention accuracy. They are the most accurate of all pistols. Surely the reason for this is the lack of recoil. All thanks to this, that the cartridge is pushed out with compressed air here. These are in a special container under the barrel. Their accuracy may prove, even a fact, that they do not need additional optical devices to correct it, which the owners of other types of airguns reach for. These guns don't need them, and hitting the center of a five-zloty coin from several dozen meters is not an impossible feat.