Traveling on a motorcycle

Motorcycles of special construction are characterized by high durability, so they can drive in almost all conditions. In a two-wheeled vehicle, what is a motorcycle, the correct distribution of the load is of great importance. The motorcycle can easily become unbalanced if the weight is not distributed properly. Such a vehicle should also not be overburdened. Spare parts and tools increase further, load, but they are essential, to be able to repair the vehicle on the way.

Luggage arrangement

The motorcycle should be loaded evenly on both sides and there should be a balance between the front and rear. Too much load on the rear makes steering difficult, it can also cause rearing.

You cannot put too much luggage on the very back, so that the motorcycle does not stand on end.

Side bags should be as flat as possible, that they create as little air resistance as possible and do not hinder the balancing of the machine.

The exhaust pipes get very hot while driving, so be careful, that nothing touches them.

The basket on the tank must be soft, so that it can be relied on.

The heaviest luggage should be above the rear wheel.


The engine of an air-cooled motorcycle may overheat when ridden slowly in heat. This is evidenced by the intermittent operation of the engine and difficulties with ignition. You then have to stop driving and stop in the shade, waiting for the machine to cool down. Motorcycles must be driven carefully, looking out for the natives. The vehicle must be kept clean, this prevents breakdowns. It is washed with warm water and soap, cleansing each part well. All joints should be checked during washing and before each journey