Scout's handy equipment

Scout's handy equipment

Resourcefulness, this is one of the basic features, what we are trying to work out in our scouts. How many less problems the scout has (and instructor) when he is prepared for any eventuality!
Is it a fundraiser, or a trip, there are things scouts should always have with them. So do not hesitate any longer and to complete your equipment- march!

A small backpack

We need something, where we will keep our things. It would be good, if this backpack was intended ONLY for scouting purposes! All you have to do then is jump into the house, catch him and you can run to the collection. We will avoid forgetfulness and nothing will surprise us.

Kapownik / scout's notebook

I suspect, that few of us have a photographic memory and are able to remember all the information given to us during meetings. It is worth setting up a scout notebook, in which we will write down important things, we will enter your sample card, or we will just scribble

Pencil, pen

Sometimes they have strange ideas for the team. They tell you to write something down (how can they!?) or, worse, sketch it (after all, I can't even draw!). Regardless of your skills, have a pen and pencil in your inventory. I guarantee, that it will save your skin someday!


I often hear the excuse, “But I remember all the songs we sing at the fire! Why should I take a songbook?!”. Yes, after that, my dear, to be able to lend it to someone, who does not know or remember these songs. Don't be selfish- be ready for any eventuality!

A handy first aid kit

I do not think so, that anyone would have doubts about the need for a handy first aid kit. There are tons of options on sale, also the affordable ones for slimmer wallets! Just boil it off 😉

Button bag

Same problem forever. The scout button falls off (sometimes with my little help) and echoes the question “Someone has a needle and a thread?”. Be it, who will shout “I have!”.
If you don't know what a buttonhole is – it's small, handy container with needles, threads and buttons. It can be done, for example. from a packet of matches and keep it in your uniform pocket.

Impregnated matches

A good scout always has a source of fire with him. However, you have to think about it, to prepare our matches for various weather conditions. So take a few matches and drip wax on them. Thanks to this, they will not get wet and, in addition, they will burn longer and with a brighter flame. Store together with the stick in an airtight container, e.g.. on film (haha who's using these now, truth?) or in a plastic tube (NOT GLASS!).

Lina / sznurek / paracord

Optional. I prefer a thin rope and string, however some people prefer paracord. As for me, it could even be a shoelace- as long as you can tie something with it if necessary!

Pocket knife

I can already see the terrified expressions- like that like this, EDGE?!
Relax. I'm not talking about the machete. A tiny pocket knife will always come in handy. For example, to sharpen the pencil that I mentioned in the previous point.

If you have it all- you are ready for most of the events that may happen to you and your scout colleagues. Good luck being dependable!