How to make dishes and spoons?

How to make dishes and spoons?


1 Make flat clay, round bottom. To make the vessel stable and durable, the bottom must be thicker than the walls.

2 Make partitions from a roll of clay.

3 When the walls are quite high, smooth the end of the roller with your thumb, that the rim of the vessel is even.

4 Smooth the walls with a wet hand. When the dish is dry, burn them on fire.



1 Cut a piece of fine wood grain and start planing it according to the grain. Avoid coniferous wood, because it breaks easily and breaks easily.

2 Always cut with a knife from yourself, to avoid cutting yourself. The spoon should be the correct size. The thickness of the shank does not matter much.

3 The most difficult thing is to cut a dimple. Be careful, so as not to cut too much wood, because then the spoon will break easily. Smooth the spoon.


1 Cut the cup out of a piece of wood or growth. Growths on trees can be very hard, then it takes a long time to make the cup. You can speed up the work by carefully burning the interior with hot coals.

2 Pick out burned wood, then put the coals down again and blow gently, make them glow.

3 Look after, so that the coals do not burn through the bowl. Also be careful, so as not to knock a hole in the bottom with a knife or make it too thin; then it breaks easily.



Canned cauldron – Tie wires or a string to an empty tin. Do not lower such a cauldron too low above the flames, because the handle may burn.

Flat can pan – Tie an empty fish tin to the green one, forked stick. Use it only on low heat, although the green handle withstands long heating and should not catch fire for some time.