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Which boat to choose?

Depending on the type, small boats have various advantages and disadvantages. They are usually intended for swimming under certain conditions. Therefore, they should not be used under conditions, for which they are not adapted. Some boats, takie

Use of rafts and boats

In many unspoiled areas, overgrown with lush vegetation, The river is the most convenient route for a journey cut by ravines and chains of hills, a lake or sea along the shore. However, you should always remember, that moving on water carries many dangers, especially if you use it …

Construction of the raft, part 2

Construction of a raft.


■ The raft deck can be made of thick bamboo stalks instead of tree trunks. It must consist of two layers, because one will not provide enough buoyancy. Instead of construction beams above and below the deck, in bamboo walls …

Construction of the raft, part 1

How to build a raft? If you need to transport a lot of equipment and food over the water obstacle, or you want to go down the river, best to build a raft – the simplest floating structure. The traditional material for the construction of the raft is tree trunks, however, it can also be performed …