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What if there is no electricity?

What if there is no electricity?

"Perseverance, stubborn determination, to keep going despite overwhelming odds, is the key to staying alive ", Grylls told Business Insider.

Many of us have wondered what would happen more than once, if …

Climbing – the zapper – passing the sling

Even the simplest climb can be life threatening. The most experienced mountaineers sometimes get stuck in the rock, fall off the wall or seek help from mountain rescuers. The advanced climbing techniques outlined below require a lot of skill, similar to climbing a rope, stanowią część autoratownictwa

The basics of climbing

If you are a newbie, you should only climb with an experienced partner, which will belay you with the rope from above. But there may be a situation, when you have no choice but to stand in front of a rock wall. Before you start climbing, take a close look at the sculpture …

Safe climbing – grips and steps

When traveling in wild terrain, you should climb only then, when the obstacle cannot be circumvented or otherwise avoided. Also, you should never attempt to climb alone; in the event of a fall or injury, there will be no one, who could call for help …

Safe climbing – insurance

Belaying involves insuring your partner with a rope. In the event of falling from the rock, the belayer blocks the rope, on which the climber hangs.
Insurance, also known as a belayer, must set up a safety position, that is, attach yourself to the wall yes, not to fall off when braking …

Moving in the jungle – the dangers


Lush undergrowth
A secondary equatorial forest is growing in areas, on which people burned trees, to be able to cultivate the land. After the harvest, they left the burned clearings and the forest began to grow back again. The sunlight reached the ground, causing lush vegetation to grow …

Jungle – survival – cloth – equipment

If it weren't for the heat, ubiquitous dampness and swarms of insects one might think, that the areas covered with equatorial forest are the gardens of heaven. The jungle is full of food, there is no pre-harvest season and no dry periods, because there are no seasons, the water pours generously with …