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How To Make Travois


1 Cut two straight lines, strong sticks at least long 2 meters. Align them on the inside, cutting the knots and twigs with a knife.

2 Przywiąż patyki do kijów w

How to make a simple rack


1 Cut off the forking branch approx 30 cm below the space, where it forks. Check it out, is it too heavy. Align the forked ends to a height of approx 1 meters.

2 Make cuts on all three branches. Tie on …

Packing the backpack

If you have already made the decision to go, preparations should begin. Equipment and other necessary items should be properly washed in advance, repaired and packed. ground, through which the trail will lead, a recognized and possibly accurate plan of the expedition. Remember to stockpile …

Predicting the weather – nature observation

Much folk wisdom about weather comes from years of observation and has rational justifications, such as these, which speak of a red sunrise or an enveloped moon as an announcement of a change in weather. Apart from sky phenomena and natural phenomena, such as a rainbow, …

Predicting the weather by looking at the clouds

Weather is a group of atmospheric phenomena, that take place in a specific place and time. This is different from the climate, which permanently determines the phenomena in a given area, that it only applies to a specific moment. Local weather changes are caused by differences in air pressure and temperature. …

Avoiding obstacles in the field

On land, it is not always certain that you can or should always move in a straight line according to the azimuth indicated by the compass. Below are some examples showing how to avoid obstacles in the field, and at the same time not to lose orientation, using the compass. Pozwalają

Orientation in the field

Orientation in the field requires, above all, the ability to use a map and a compass. They are used to draw the shortest, and at the same time the safest road in varied terrain. It is impossible to define roads so precisely on land, like at sea. There you can set a simple course, …

Make a map

Make a map

1 On a sheet of paper, draw a rectangular grid with meshes corresponding to one square kilometer of the land area. In the middle, draw a cross to denote your position.

2 Find a convenient vantage point. Determine the azimuth with the compass, determining the direction of a characteristic point on the horizon. Oszacuj odległość

Using GPS – in

Using GPS – in

GPS, that is, the Global Positioning System has radically changed the methods of sea and air navigation as well as the methods of determining the position in the field. The system uses artificial satellites orbiting around the Earth, that transmit radio signals to Earth. Posługując się specjalnym

Determining the location according to the map

The situation is almost impossible, in which we do not know, where are we. Even the survivors of the plane crash know at least what country or neighborhood they were flying over. Thus, determining the location consists in a gradual narrowing of the probable area of ​​stay, aż do odnalezienia konkretnego punktu na mapie