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Recognition of the travel area

Be prepared

Learn as much as possible about the areas before setting off, you are going to travel. remember – maps are not always very accurate, they do not accurately reflect all important points in the field, especially water sources. …

Journey plan

On the trail, even on a well-prepared expedition, many surprises and dangerous adventures can happen. If your hike through unknown terrain was caused by an accident, then the risk of encountering obstacles increases. Be well prepared before you set off, …

On the trail

Many people enjoy being out in nature, wandering through wilderness, setting up camp for the night and going on at dawn. Hiking, car trips or canoeing trips combine with active holiday recreation. Na szlak zawsze

Smoking – Pemikan


1 When the sun is not shining brightly enough, for the fish to dry up, it has to be blown over the fire. Take three straight sticks and tie at one end.

2 Spacing the sticks in the distance 60 cm apart and tie between them …

Drying – preserves

Any product starts to deteriorate shortly after harvesting. Without a refrigerator, meat and fish cannot be used the day after they are killed, and plants also lose their nutritional value quickly. When you have to live in the field for a long time, you must …