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Baking in clay – Australian bread


1 You can bake a piece of meat or fish in a fire after covering them with clay. Gather a lot of grass and leaves.

2 Wrap the food in leaves and tie with twisted blades of grass.

3 Cover the whole thing with clay. …



1 Place several large ones next to each other, flat stones. Do not use slate or any layered rock for this, will crumble when exposed to heat.

2 Place needles and small twigs on the stones, a …


The easiest way to prepare meals is toasting, most often by holding a stick of stuffed food over the fire's flames or coals. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, always cook any food, if you are not completely sure about its suitability. Cooking kills bacteria, parasites, …

Field cookers

The easiest way to prepare warm food is to cook over a fire or cubes of dry fuel. If the conditions do not allow to make a fire or it is dangerous, you should use the stove, which ignites easily, uses fuel sparingly, and the flame can be adjusted. …

How to make dishes and spoons?

How to make dishes and spoons?


1 Make flat clay, round bottom. To make the vessel stable and durable, the bottom must be thicker than the walls.

2 Make partitions from a roll of clay.

3 When the walls are quite high, smooth out …

Dishes and pots

The basic equipment for preparing meals in the field is a pot or cauldron, stove or fireplace, on which you can cook and bake, and a wooden spoon. When you are preparing food, both the pot, as well as the entire stove or fire must be sheltered from the wind; …

Eel skinning

Eel skinning

Eels are very tasty. You have to gut them, peel off the skin and remove the bones. The eel is long and slippery, therefore it is difficult to remove the skin from it, unless it's done right after the kill. First, gut the eel in a fashion …

Preparing the fish for baking

Preparing the fish for baking

Fresh fish is the tastiest. The simplest, the fastest ways to cook fish guarantee the tastiest meal. You don't need to keep fish over the fire for a long time. Roast them over the heat or put them on a makeshift spit. You can fry a single fish whole, strangle or …

Fish filleting

After taking the fish out of the water, stun it, then kill by cutting the spine at the base of the head. The fish must be quickly gutted after being caught, make and eat or make preserves for later. In hot climates, even a short-term sun exposure of the fish can cause …