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Edible and poisonous fruit


Edible fruits are rich in many valuable nutrients, such as sugars and vitamin A., B i C. Animals know this too. Except for birds or mammals, some insects also eat fruit. …

Edible and poisonous nuts

Nuts and fruits are the primary source of natural human food in the field. In the temperate zone, the fruits appear in mid-summer, and nuts in late summer and fall. Most wild fruits are difficult to store. Niektóre

Plants with poisonous roots

We can assume, that a plant with poisonous roots also has poisonous leaves, the stalk, flowers and juice. One such example is the grain combustion, which you just need to touch, so that blisters appear on the skin. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Some plants' roots and rhizomes, śmiertelnie

Plants with edible roots

Underground parts of some plants – the roots (especially the storage ones), rhizome, tubers or bulbs are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, like starch and can therefore be a valuable source of natural food. Eating raw tubers, cebulek lub korzeni wielu roślin jadalnych może

What nature gives

Away from refrigerators, gas and electric cookers and other modern household appliances, collection, food storage and preparation becomes difficult, because it requires a complete change of current habits. Away from home, with his daily meal ritual and constant diet, …

Edible plants of the equatorial and tropical zones

There is a great variety of plant species in the warm and humid climate of the equatorial zone. The lack of distinct seasons in this area causes, that plants thrive all the time. There is an abundance of edible plant species, w tym wiele pożywnych owoców i

Edible plants of the temperate zone

In addition to the barren desert, you can always find plenty of edible and nutritious plants in your immediate surroundings. However, you need to learn to distinguish between edible and poisonous plants, that could cause disease. However, some edible plants have small ones, stinging hair, które podrażniają jamę ustną i

Food for the road

Food taken on the trip are usually canned food and bags with dehydrated natural powders. Some products come naturally, so-called packed lunch. Canned food is cooked and can be eaten hot or cold straight away. Konserwy

Water storage

Water storage.

Bark container

1 You can make a makeshift water container from a pliable, green bark, for example, from birch. First, cut a rectangular piece of bark.

2 Soak the horns with water, to soften the bark and gently fold the edges, tak jak na rysunku.

Moving water

Even if you are camping right on the river, you cannot do without dishes and other equipment for carrying and keeping water in them. You can, e.g, need more water for cooking. A special vessel is often required to draw water from the stream. …