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Cactus water, liany, the roots, snow and ice


1 Carefully cut off the top of the cactus with a knife or machete, taking care, so as not to be injured by the spikes.
2 Beat the pulp inside to a mush with a stick. Wkrótce na powierzchni zacznie zbierać się woda.

Water storage plants

In nature, water can be drawn not only from streams, rivers or thrashing springs. There are also other natural sources of drinking water – plants, blood or, for example, frogs from species adapted to life in the desert. The natives generally know, gdzie na

Soil water

Wanting to get water from the soil, a solar-heated boiler should be built. If there is a temperature difference between the two surfaces, the air will warm up and saturate with water vapor, which will condense on the cooler surface and run off.

Construction of the boiler

Wykop w ziemi dół o szerokości

Plant water

Plants evaporate through the leaves. Water vapor from plants can be used to obtain drinking water. It is enough to surround the plant tightly.

1 Dig two crater-shaped depressions concentrically on a slightly sloping slope, one bigger, and the other smaller. Zagłębienia powinien oddzielać wał

Stockpile of water

In the field, after providing shelter, you should accumulate a sufficient amount of drinking water, because without it you can't live more than a few days. It may happen, that you will have to camp in a place, gdzie nie ma bezpiecznego i pewnego

The body's daily need for water

The body's daily need for water

Water is one of the main components of the body's cells. The human body, however, has no water storage capacity, unlike food, stocks of which are deposited as fat. Therefore, we must constantly provide our body with water, …

Signs of water occurrence

Signs of water occurrence.

Most often, traces of animals indicate the presence of water, green groves or human settlements visible from a distance. There are also other natural signs. On
In areas that are apparently devoid of flora and fauna, try to spot any living creatures or plants. However, you have to …

Where to find water?

The daily water requirement of the human body is at least approx 3 liters. Therefore, finding a permanent source of drinking water is a prerequisite for survival in the field. The availability of water often determines the route of the trip and planned camping sites, gdyż nawet samochodem nie da się zabrać

Water supply

All living organisms consist largely of water, without which they cannot exist. Away from human settlements, the first activity, which you should do in addition to sheltering is to find a clean spring, drinking water. Stały dostęp do wody ma

Signs for rescuers

Signs for rescuers

Everything that stands out in a given environment should be noticed by people who follow you, especially if their goal is to find you
and help. Leaving signs, always mark the direction of your further march, a także zostawiaj informację o