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Pistol and revolver holsters

Pistol and revolver holsters.

As we all know very well, the rifle can even be carried on a string, because he is not afraid of it ,,stepmother ”treatment. Niezależnie od specyfiki warunków w jakich przychodzi nam używać broni długiej – zawsze jest ona

assault rifle 44

assault rifle 44.

The beginnings of this incredibly popular rifle go back a year 1942. We all know, what kind of struggle is going on. On the battlefield, the Germans are waging powerful and fierce battles towards Eastern Europe, który z każdym dniem poczyna wydawać się coraz silniejszym przeciwnikiem.Wielka Armia

Mauser 98k

Mauser 98k

The beginnings of this amazing rifle go back a year 1908. The First World War and an inseparable companion of German soldiers, Gewehr 98 - left a lot to be desired. But that's it, as an older brother, zainspirował konstruktorów Mausera do dalszych kroków i stworzenia

Colt 2000 All American

Colt 2000 All American.

It is impossible not to notice at least a few brands on the defense market, which clearly lead the way among people interested in the topic. Colt is one such brand without a doubt.There was excitement about this American legend in the middle of the 19th century, …

RAK submachine gun

RAK submachine gun.

There are situations, in which you have to kill up close, up close - looking straight into enemy's surprised eyes, feeling his fear, his helpless will to save his life, which we take from him ...

Podczas drugiej wojny do likwidacji używano na ogół

Colt M1900

Colt M1900.

Thinking about John Moses Browning, the image of the Colt M1911 - the well-known forty-five, which is his most famous and perhaps the most successful work.

However, not everyone knows, że pan Browning nie opracował tylko jednego pistoletu

Remington New Army

Remington New Army.

After the success of the Colt revolvers, and, inter alia, commissioned in the army of the Union in 1851 Colta Navy, Remington decided to borrow and further develop the concept of Samuel Colt.

In year 1858 was developed by the company E. Remington & …

Colt Pocket 1849

Colt Pocket 1849.

In year 1848 Samuel Colt unveiled the successor to Colt Walker, i.e. the Dragoon model.

Of course, both models were extremely successful and were successfully used by the US Army, but they were not the most successful in the market. Why? Prawdopodobnie

BM21 Grad

BM21 Grad

The word "Cow" has a very ominous connotation for Warsaw residents ... it is a colloquial term for the German six-lead rocket launcher "Nebelwefer" cal 150 mm, których to hitlerowcy używali podczas Powstania Warszawskiego. The terrifying sound of rockets taking off, oraz ogrom strat spowodowanych ich użyciem naszemu

European Arms Charter

European Arms Charter.

The European Firearms Charter is a document, which was supposed to make it easier for shooters to move with their weapons within the territory of the European Union. For example, going to a shooting competition.

Po ostatniej nowelizacji ustawy o BiA pasjonaci strzelectwa czarnoprochowego zostali „zmotywowani” do