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Who is this commando?

Who is this commando?

Everyone has heard of the commando troops, their spectacular actions, about the feats that are often the plot of a good action movie, or a sensational-adventure book, which you read with bated breath for one evening ,,from …

MP 40

MP 40.

Row production 1 million copies, cartridge 9 x 19 mm Parabellum, 4 kilograms of properly welded steel and 500 shots per minute theoretical rate of fire. All this is presented to us by the image of "maschinenpistole 40", abbreviated as MP 40, a po polsku



A conviction has become established, that a strong country is so, which has its own, well-developed arms industry - this is true. When the war broke out, as it has been experienced many times in history, alliances remain paper, dostawy sprzętu są znikome

Diamondback DB380

Diamondback DB380

The DB380 is a pocket pistol from the American manufacturer popular in the West.

The weapon looks like on the manufacturer's picture attached above.

In this model, the manufacturer decided to supply ammunition from a 6-round magazine .380 ACP ? czyli 9mm



The pistol participated in the competition for a new US Army legal short firearm, however, the competition was won by the Italian Beretta 92F, which, let's face it, was much cheaper ... Sig did not completely disappear from the stage, however, bowiem z dużym zadowoleniem do dzisiaj używają

Pistol TT – teteta

Pistol TT – teteta.

Probably each of us knows the epic Nagant revolver.

Dość brzydki (however, tastes are not discussed), medium size, basically nothing special. Jednakże już za pierwszym pociągnięciem za kurek oczom naszym ukazuje się całkiem wyszukany mechanizm

hand grenade

hand grenade

Rather, there is no person on earth, Who wouldn't know what a hand grenade is. Popularized by the media, movies - next to the knife, an engineer shovel or a pistol, the best friend of a private infantry soldier, a small oval object, który przy minimalnej wiedzy użytkownika

Infrared sauna (infrared)

Infrared sauna (infrared).

About infrared sauna, also known as infrared or "red" sauna, its effect on beauty and health and other positive effects.

Sauna infrared to sauna, in which the air temperature varies within 40 – 65°C, is …

How to use the Finnish sauna

How to use the Finnish sauna.

Not everyone knows that we should enter the sauna naked, but that's the truth, the benefits of the sauna can be used without any clothes or obstacles.

Assuming you want to use it correctly and adhere to the sauna culture, and maximize it …

Intimate sauna advantages

Intimate sauna advantages.

I am fond of intimate saunas, because it is there that many people take their first steps in sauna., often familiarizing oneself with the current sauna culture immediately.
This was also the case with me and some of my friends, I know, that …