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War equipment - what to take for war?

War equipment - what to take for war?

We assume, that the equipment is selected for the hostilities taking place in our country. The war has been going on for several days, we are fighting with Russia and Belarus, summer is just ending. …

Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS.

This Italian semi-automatic pistol is undoubtedly very famous, entered the list of the cult small arms. Flagship factors, which decided about it was the winning tender for the prescribed US Army pistol, oraz potężna dawka udziału tej broni w kinie sensacyjnym.

Ingram MAC submachine gun

Ingram MAC submachine gun.

A true connoisseur of Western sensational cinema will surely associate the characteristic shape of a clumsy "box" with a handle in which a long box magazine is attached, ended on one side with a barrel with a thread for mounting muzzle devices, on the other hand, a folding butt. …



Heckler und Koch was founded towards the end 1949 year by former Mauser-Werke engineers - Edmund Heckler, Theodora Kocha and Alex Seidel.

Weapons from the H&K, która okryła się bez wątpienia dużą sławą na całym świecie jest legendarny

Loading revolvers

Loading revolvers.

While loading modern revolvers for integrated ammunition is not a very complicated activity and usually does not consume more than 15 seconds, that's the charge, a właściwie nabicie komór XIX-wiecznego rewolweru rozdzielnego ładowania nie jest czynnością z którą każdy

Black powder

In the following article, we present a small introduction to the subject of black powder. Basic information about the production process is described, and some pyrotechnic issues, because a popular propeller used for black powder weapons, It is also (and maybe especially) used in pyrotechnics.

Black powder (po angielsku



I think we all know this moment from action movies - villain - entrance with a door, in the hands of Remington's sawed-off saw 870, characteristic reloading movement and BUUMM!!! Everything within a few meters turns into tartare, facet trafiony grubą wiązką śrutu

shooting range regulations

shooting range regulations

Below we present the standard rules of safe operation of shooting ranges currently in force. Knowledge of this document is useful both when applying for a shooting license, shooting authority's powers, shooting instructor license and firearms license.




Shooting instructor - how to get qualifications?

Shooting instructor - how to get qualifications?

The interest in shooting started with many of us in our childhood. Some listened to the wartime stories of their ancestors - the confessions of their grandparents, uncles, a little older fathers. Jeszcze inni obejrzeli film w telewizji i wszystko stało

BTR 80

BTR 80

Operations in Beslan, in the theater on Dubrovka, operations ,,special "in Dagestan, in Ingushetia, the war in Georgia - these are frequent snapshots in news services showing the true face of the Federation. Wounded or killed children are always in the foreground, niesione na rękach