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P08 Parabellum

P08 Parabellum.

The ancients used to say, "You want peace? Get ready for war ". In this paradox already as contemporaries, over the years, or in fact, over the centuries - we discovered the real principle governing the military balance in the world. …

Pistol Liberator .45 ACP

Pistol Liberator .45 ACP

The times of the past war seem to be just a gloomy murmur of history, perhaps it is a mistake to forget. Perhaps, however, it is worth living with hope, that we will not have to live like our grandparents in the exemplary action with ,,The Time of Honor ", ,,Columbus ", …



Constructed by two Polish engineers, Jan Skrzypiński and Piotr Wilniewczyc, great inventors and constructors - a semi-automatic pistol

Vis was one of the best constructions of this type in its time.

A few words about Vis constructors

Profesor Wilniewczyc i Skrzypiński opracowali również

Remington 1863 Pocket

Remington 1863 Pocket.

In the second half of the 19th century, the E. Remington & Sons saw the potential of the small pocket revolvers that civilians liked. It is mainly thanks to their dimensions that Samuel Colt's pockets gained such fame despite many disadvantages to larger "relatives". …



As promised, I will present these types of Russian weapons in periodic episodes, with whom we could meet in the event of an invasion of our country by the forces of the Polish Army. Today, the "work horse" of the Federation's aviation, i.e. the Su-25 plane.
Sukhoi 25th is a single-seat, …